17 nov. 2014

PORTFOLIO: b&w product photography

I finished my 2nd assignment for my Photography class. I had to choose 6 valuable and personal products which I had to photograph. It had to be black and white (yes, just what I like!!). This means I could play a lot with lights, shadows and definition.

The story in my photographs...

- There was also one from my creditcard, but it's not really smart to put in online. So I'm trying to blur the numbers and letters and post it again online! -

As you can see my photo's start a little vague and piece after piece they're getting sharper and more powerful. The last one is also the best one (in my opinion). 

The main goal is to show you what I see and what my life's about. Behind every photo there's a story. I made these 6 photo's to tell you the whole story. I start with a passion, for example like my blog. I work with it, I try and do my best for it but there's no end yet.. In every step I make there will be much more that follows. So I used mirrors, lights and shadows to show you there is more behind the product. You can see light that goes 'further', you see mirroring of these products, because there is 'more' and you shadows that are moving, where you can see there is more and I'm trying to get there..

Final rating: Don't know yet.. Next Monday will be my presentation!!


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