30 nov. 2014

Opel by Modemusthaves

Well yes, modemusthaves.nl 'sells' a real car online. Last Tuesday - 25th of November - this fashionable car by Opel was launched in 'De Hallen' in Amsterdam.

You can 'lease' the Opel Adam now on modemnusthaves.nl! Modemusthaves is so excited about their collaboration with Opel - I understand!! You can lease the car at modemusthaves.nl for a payable all-in-one price. The car is available in 3 different looks. One of them is 'designed' by Elise van Wonderen from modemusthaves.nl and the other 2 are launched by Stylist Bastiaan van Schaik and the well known Saar Koningsberger.

Here's Elise van wonderen, owner of Modemusthaves.nl

For just 285 euro's a month you can lease this amazing fashionable car. This is an unique private lease regulation with everything ALL included! Think about insurance, servicing, road tax and more. 

Then comes an extra treat! If you lease one of the cars, modemusthaves.nl gives you a matchable outfit (costs 250 euro's!). If you don't really want the outfit, you can also choose to receive a Gift Card a la 250 euro.

The Opel x Modemusthaves car key is also a special one. You won;t loose it, because the key is black with some extra glitter on it and matched with a 'Bitch, please I ride a unicorn' key ring. ;)

Oh and wait.. It that wasn't enough yet. You will also get the Modemusthaves.nl polaroid camera for free. The new toy has to be photographed!


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