1 nov. 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi all,

For all my readers who 'celebrate' Halloween: 


I'll treat the ladies with a very special trick or treat.. I was really watching it for some minutes. Why can't I find this kind of men?! Well I decided to share him with you guys. ENJOY! (A)

I also bumped into this amaaazing Halloween cover-up! I was so inspired by this. Don't exactly know why, but it has my interest. What do you think?!

And for other inspiration, check out these girls =/

And last but not least, the one that's most disgusting..

Ieeeeh!! I don't like Halloween, really. I will just keep on smiling.

 Are you joining this Halloween tradition and in what did you changed yourself? If you have some pics, feel free to share them. I am really curious.


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