6 nov. 2014

Alexander Wang MEETS H&M !

Like everybody already knows, Alexander Wang is collaborating with H&M

And oh my god.. this is really what I love. The black and white sporty urban tees.. Unfortunately I am not a type that is super active on the internet or in front of a shop to get the best items. I don't have the feeling I definitely need those items. 

At my work I have a lot of colleagues that also love fashion and we always chatting about new trends and sharing discount codes daily. Today my colleague Lindsay came with the idea to just check the H&M website. Well this is a BIG problem. It doesn't work, because of the big amounts of people that are visiting the website today.

Some of the outfits, as you can see a LOT of black (just what I like)!

Then I found ONE item I really need to have. This is a black leather urban bag. It is 170 euro!! BUT I want to pay it, only I don't think I wouldn't get through the ordering system. Every 2 seconds I'm trying to refresh the page, but I really get annoyed by this. Luckily I am working till 17:30 o'clock and I will try and try whole day. Maybe in the end of the day I will be a veeeeery lucky girl (A).

Isn't it lovely? Need it aaaah!

Well UPDATE! The bag was already sold out =( What a bummer. Now I decided to go for this amazing sweater AND t-short/dress (I already chose to spent some big money on the bag). and YES it worked out pretty wel, I ordered the sweater with my creditcard. It feels so good to let you know I have a creditcard =D

Did you get some items?!


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