26 nov. 2014

PORTFOLIO: 1 year anniversary Kaufhaus

Last Saturday the 22th of November I had my first photography assignment. How cool is that?! I just started my course in September and people already tag me in emergy calls for photographers. Yay! So the store Kaufhaus asked me on Facebook last week.

So I was a little tensed.. I just had my new Canon D300 Digital camera and I only shot 'not moving' and static objects before. This where people and clothing, because it was a sort of anniversary-party. 

But, confident as I am I went to the shop. The people who worked at Kaufhaus where so kind and directly told me what they expected from me. I said I will just walk around and photograph whatever I'm interested in. I love to make product shots and atmospheric images. That was also exactly what they wanted, so it made me jump a little higher that day. Luckily it was a little quiet at the beginning, so I could shoot and become more relaxed quite fast.

I started at 13:00 and stayed untill 16:30 o'clock. Time was going so fast. I really enjoyed to work as a photographer and also talked more and more with the customers. I shot all corners of the store and made some cool pics from the people that were fitting, buying or just eating pizza. 

I am very happy with the end result. Of course I added some extra effects to the photo's to make them look better than they already were. I will stop writing and show you my pics:

Familiar with Kaufhaus? They have a big shop in Utrecht and in Amsterdam. All clothes are second hand and 50% of the proceeds goes to charities. Check out their facebook here. Follow them also on Instagram - @hetkaufhaus. Oh, before I forget.. They also sell some interior, vinyl and plants!

*For the ones that want to use my photo's or the people that are on the photo. You can use it, but only add my name in the credits please - by Pleuni de Zeeuw www.inspiredbypleuni.blogspot.com *


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