30 nov. 2014

Opel by Modemusthaves

Well yes, modemusthaves.nl 'sells' a real car online. Last Tuesday - 25th of November - this fashionable car by Opel was launched in 'De Hallen' in Amsterdam.

28 nov. 2014

Eyeliner TIP!

Personally I really like this kind of eyeliners. I always wear my black eyeliner this way. 
Now I spotted this easy kind of tutorial I will definitely try the white edge to it.

26 nov. 2014

PORTFOLIO: 1 year anniversary Kaufhaus

Last Saturday the 22th of November I had my first photography assignment. How cool is that?! I just started my course in September and people already tag me in emergy calls for photographers. Yay! So the store Kaufhaus asked me on Facebook last week.

24 nov. 2014

Admire my newies

I'm just SO SO SOOO happy, that I have to write a blog about my new purchase!!

Check out my new Adidas sneakers:

20 nov. 2014

17 nov. 2014

PORTFOLIO: b&w product photography

I finished my 2nd assignment for my Photography class. I had to choose 6 valuable and personal products which I had to photograph. It had to be black and white (yes, just what I like!!). This means I could play a lot with lights, shadows and definition.

14 nov. 2014

My week-ender


What are your plans?! I made a list and I have a lot of things to do. It's going to be a busy one, because I just have 1 free day this weekend. Check my list here -->

12 nov. 2014

DARE: Overknee boots

An new trend: The overknee boots!

Did you already spotted this trend? Now the cold is starting *brrrr* we need some warm and long stuff to keep us warm. I hate the typical Dutch weather, because I'm used to the Turkish temperatures now. 

8 nov. 2014

SHOCKING: Geordie Shore's Holly tranformation

Wow, I saw these pictures from Holly (well known from Geordie Shore on MTV) and I couldn't believe my eyes.. She changed her looks and turned into a kind of 'normal/regular' lady. 

6 nov. 2014

Alexander Wang MEETS H&M !

Like everybody already knows, Alexander Wang is collaborating with H&M

And oh my god.. this is really what I love. The black and white sporty urban tees.. Unfortunately I am not a type that is super active on the internet or in front of a shop to get the best items. I don't have the feeling I definitely need those items. 

1 nov. 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi all,

For all my readers who 'celebrate' Halloween: