29 okt. 2014

Inspiration: Black 'nd white

Some black and white inspiration photographs I made last week. I tried some things for my product photography assignment. I chose the most valuable things in life (MY life).

27 okt. 2014

Inspiration: photography

Well now that I'm in Turkey and I got a different mindset.. Read: I'm into photography and looking and getting inspired by a lot of things I wasn't before, I am focussing on pretty and different things. 

24 okt. 2014

Done with Turkey

Oh yes, our last workingdays are finished. This was the last time (yes I'm NOT joking this time) I worked for Kids & Co

22 okt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: 1st assignment photography

So you might think, first assignment.. That would be an easy one. Oh-nooo! Listen. We had to take 5 popular (so well-known) pictures to class. I brought one from 9/11, the napalm girl, the fallen soldier, the beatles walking in one line on the road and the famous Einstein sticking out his tongue. I had to choose one of these photo's and also one of my best holiday photo's from last summer.

19 okt. 2014

One last time

It will be the last time I will do this animationwork. After these weeks I will go back to Holland and start working, fulltime. School is over, real life is starting. It will be strange in the beginning, but I really like to put all my energy in one serious thing. Having a focus on something.

16 okt. 2014

Inspiration: Photography Turkey

The beach here is a perfect spot to make some nice pics. I took my most valuable things with me and took some shots, just trying something..

13 okt. 2014

Hé pretty city

I'm not joking, I am back in Alanya, again..!

My boss asked me to come over for Dutch autumn holiday. Many Dutch people will come to Turkey, because the weather here is around 27 degrees instead of 15 in Holland gathered with lots of wind and rain. 

10 okt. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Wooow couldn't wait for this post again. It has been a long time ago I showed you guys some street style I spotted. Wel yes I finally have some content!

8 okt. 2014

6 ways to beat 'FAT DAY'

All women know, some days are worse then others. Some days we feel really good and skinny, but the next day it can already turn into a bad one. We feel fat, ugly and it won't change. You look in the mirror and the only thing you think is 'ugggh'. These days called fat day's.

7 okt. 2014

Paris Fashionweek - Iris van Herpen

Spring/Summer 2015 - Paris Fashion week

The famous Dutch designer Iris van Herpen showed us an (again!) amazing collection. She was inspired by the magnetic fields (magnetic motion) in Switzerland where she was earlier this year and used it into her collection. She always uses some kind of futurism in her designs. 

6 okt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Mediastyling fashion - Jackie

4 paged reportage for Jackie Magazine. The first two pages had to be about someone who's inspiring you.

4 okt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Light adjustment

Not really a big assignment, but definitely an interesting one. We had to use one picture and change it will all different kind of Photoshop tools. It's easy for beginners. You can easily check what tool you need to create the effect you need.

3 okt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Photoshop - Front page

Really need to put all my work online, so here's one of my Photoshop assignments (the last one). We had to make a front page for a self chosen magazine. We started in class and we had 2 hours time to make something. We also had to put some required items in it, like mirroring, stamps, erasing etc.