30 sep. 2014

10 ways to increase your Instagram followers

THE new thing..

So many bloggers, people but also websites (webshops) getting more traffic to their page because of Instagram.

It's a new marketing tool, which can increase your followers and likes but also the traffic to your page. So for the ones that really want to grow, but don't know how to? Then I have 10 easy ways to get more followers and likes immediately!

Did you know that..
Instagram is the best social media platform to generate attention nowadays. It's 58 times more effective than Facebook, and 120 times more effective than Twitter! *Likestagram.com

1. Use a lot of hashtags, BUT only ones that describes the picture. Don't use #food when you post something about beauty.. Hashtags that are most successful:

#love #TagsForLikes #TFLers #tweegram #phptooftheday #20likes #amazing #followme #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #igers #Picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #like #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #all_shots #follow #websatgram #colorful #style #swag

2. But don;t use too much hashtags. It will scare people and they will get the idea that you're desperate for likes. Only use relevant hashtags!

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3. Don't be boring! You want to have a consistent brand.. So people are familiar with it. So don't post useless photo's that don't fits your style. Try to stay interesting, surprise the people.

4. Take smarter selfies. How?! Well take them in unusual places. DON'T take them in the mirror and DON'T use the duck face. Of course you can make selfies, but don't overdose. People are interested in you, not only your face. Show them your style, your outfits, what inspired you, your own photograph etc.

5. Use Likestagram! (www.likestagram.com). This way gains likes and followers in a true and legit way. You will only gain followers who really like your pics and not 'fake ones'. It works like this: You add your profile page, then you choose some hashtag words which you want to use and how people can find you. Here you have to choose one word that describes your account. In my place you can think about #fashion or #inspiration. Then your own profile will like pictures which are placed with these tags underneath. Your page will like 40/50 pics in one hour (you can also change this in less or more likes in one hour). You can also decide between what time you want Likestagram to like other photo's. The main goal of these likes is that people who see your likes will visit your page and are also interested in the same thing (like fashion) as you do. They will like your page and you will definitely gain more followers. 

If you want to know more and 'buy' some likes -> Go to www.likestagram.com 

6. Stick to a schedule.  Try to be loyal to your followers. If you post daily, then stick to this schedule. If you disappear for one or 2 whole weeks, then you will definitely loose a lot of followers.

7. interact! Go to other profiles and also like and comment on these photo's. Show and share your interests. People will respond on your message and also other followers of other profiles will notice you, because of your interaction. When people see your name or comment more than once at some pictures they also like, then they will definitely be interested in your profile. Try it out! 

If you want to grow, you also have to spend time and effort in it!

8. Quality. Take/use good and sharp photo's and also edit! Don;t only use Instagram filters, but use other programs. There are a lot of apps which can edit your 'nice' photo into a awesome photo!
Some interesting apps are: InstaFrame+, VSCO CAM, Afterlight, Whitagram and SNapseed.

9. Add questions to your photo's. Ask questions, as these will encourage other people to comment on your posts, which looks good to potential followers. You can post 2 different kind of shoes and ask your followers which you should wear today.

10. Give shoutouts. I know a lot of people will directly think oh boo please don't say this or use this technique. Well it doesn't have to be like all these young kids who say shoutout to... follow her/him. No use it different. If your following an inspiring blog and want to repost an OOTD post of this blog, you can repost it (after asking it first). When you repost this photo you can use the 'shoutout' like: Inspiration from @... or I'm really inspired by this outfit from @... follow her/him for more urban (for example). Of course the owner of this photo will like it and maybe will repost yours also!

I hope I helped you out a little more. Just try and sound some time to gain more traffic. Start with the hashtags, follow people and like like like! You will notice it will get you bigger. Afterwards, if you want to spend some money on it, you REALLY have to use Likestagram ;) I can ensure you it will make your Instagram account more and more popular.


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  1. Nice tips, I dont have intagram jet but now I going to take it and your tips can really help increasing my folowers:)

    1. Definitely try it out. I know you'll love it. Let me know your username and I will follow you. Then you can also check my blog's Instagram. Love x

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