30 sep. 2014

10 ways to increase your Instagram followers

THE new thing..

So many bloggers, people but also websites (webshops) getting more traffic to their page because of Instagram.

27 sep. 2014

Back on track!

Okaaay.. Wow it's really difficult to see my page isn't up to date as it was before. I knew I wouldn't have enough time to continue blogging and I definitely don't regret my decision to go to Turkey.

3 sep. 2014

We love you Alanya!

Hey you. My final and last blogpost it is.. (About my adventure in Turkey only)

The caunting down has started.. We had to say goodbye to Puck, this week Danielle is also going and the 4th of September (less than 2 weeks) Chris and me also have to say goodbye to all of this =( So I try to enjoy even more of each day than I did before.