19 aug. 2014

Dutchies in Turkey

Haaaaa welcome again! I just read my latest post and became even more happy than I already was. My life overhere is just per-fect. Every day I think about my choice to do this work and I am grateful for every day here. I really embrace e-ve-ry-thing!!

So Club Paradiso also has a few mountainbikes which you can rent. Last year Cindy & I fixed them for free for 1 day, so I thought, why not try it again. Unfortunately we don't have the scooters anymore. So today we took the bikes already for the third time. It's wednesday, what means we have a day off. This night was also (again) a special one. We didn't sleep..

Puck and I had a really fun night. We went to Los Angeles bar together (mostly we are together overthere).

At first on our free day we went shopping in alanya. I finally found some nice clothes. A long pants, white blouse and a long striped skirt. After shopping we got some cocktails at our local bar Los Angeles and had some fun with our friends. Of course we got a waterpipe, chips and some shots. After 1 hour we wanted to go out and dance. We visit Istanbul to say Hi to another friend and went to James Dean to show everybody our dancemoves. Of course we did a few minidisco moves ;) We (Chris, Puck and me) had a lot of fun. After 04:00 o'clock there wasn't any place to go, but we still had some energy left. We decided to walk to the nearest beach and just chill a little. So we did.. Chris met her 'kanka' (Turkish for best friend) here. This was a dog ;) haha

We relaxed a little and really fell asleep (all 3). I think we slept like one hour and afterwards took the first bus back to Club Paradiso. We decided to stay awake and directly go to eat breakfast in the hotel. It was already 07:15 o'clock and we were so so tired. After we eat some eggs and toast we quickly got our bikini's, towels and suncream from the appartment and cycled to the beach. On our way we stopped at a supermarket to get us some bottles of water and chips. We arrived at the beach around 09:00 and directly fell asleep for like 3 hours. We stayed at the beach untill 19:00 o'clock this day!! It was really so relaxed. Everything is possible here ;) 

It's already one month ago I did my nails with gel and it isn't so beautiful anymore. I went to the nailsalon in the hotel to fix it. Now my nails are pretty again. (Only €15,-!!)

This week I decided to fix a good standard mail to send to all the family's that were attending the kids&co club. I asked them if they liked our programme and want to write something about kids&co on Zoover. It was a really good idea, because I am already receiving a lot of positive responses with photo's and we already got a few new zoover remarks.

This week we also got a really nice present from Joy and her parents. This was a girl (5 years) who loved our kids&co club. She attended every activity and also loved tiger and loeloe. Her parents were amazing and we definitely not forget this amazing family.


We got new merchandise and selling quite good. We heard the sunglasses now cost €3,- instead of €5,- so I decided to make a poster of it, because people aren't so interested in these sunglasses. Right after I made these posters we directly sold 2 sunglasses yeaah!

Again we went shopping. This time for some souvenirs. Ofcourse I also bought something for myself, like a new bikini, a short, ring and shirt. We also found out a Dutch restaurant who offers frikandellen, kroketten and saté saus! Whoaaa so nice. I ordered carpaccio and fries with kipsaté (chicken saté).

Part of My new bikini and my brown belly!

We already received a saving card from guest. This is a card from this restaurant. They also came a lot here and of you save €100,- you get a whole menu for free. Thats amazing right? They gave us a full one and one with €20,- on it. Chris and I are going to save this one for our last days.

So last night Danielle and Chris decided to go on a night boat trip (same boat as we always go with the normal boattour). The Captain asked us to come, for free ofcourse. We had to gather at 22:00 o'clock, only we finish minidisco (all swethy) around 21:15 and then have to shower and hurry hurry. Puck and I decided not to go, because it's to much stress and we also were so tired. The other girl rent a scooter and could get there in time. 

Puck and me decided to make it a movie night. We got some dvd's from one daddy and chose to watch Finding Nemo yeaah! We installed on one bed (where we have good airco) and bought a lot of sweets and chips. Unfortunately we both fell asleep after 45 minutes haha.

So today happened something bad. At first this day started reaaally nice. Danielle and Puck went swimming with dolphins. Only today is Saturday, what means a normal working day. We decided to split up our day, because we are with 4 people. The swimming wit dolphins started at 14:00 o'clock, so the other girls opened the kidsclub, what meant Chris and me had a free morning off. The lucky part was that we had to start at 14:00 o'clock instead of regular time 13:15 o'clock. We had breakfast and went to the beach for 2 small hours. We just swam a little and also slept for some minutes. After 13:00 we got lunch and started at the kidsclub. You might think it will be more quiet at this time, but that's not true. 
There were so many children. I got a really good idea. We played midgetgolf, but when kids put in the ball in 3 or less than 3 shots they could make us wet. We made 2 teams, team Chris and team Pleuni. When my team did good they had to make Chris as wet as possible. Of course team Chris as much better and I was tooootally wet ;).

After this nice game we played some Dutch games like eating candy from a waterbole and pillow dance. There were attending around 20 kids!

So untill now a good day.. But in the night (after Chris and me watched the Pirate show from the international team) we went sleeping. But around 04:00 o'clock I woke up by Puck, because Danielle was feeling reaaally bad. I directly went to her and I saw her turning back and forth, with her hands on her stomach. I tried to calm her down and hold her tight. It wasn't good so I decided to sent Puck and Chris to the night manager, they took a car and immediately brought her to the hospital. Chris decided to go with her, so I took her pasport, insurance card and other clothes to take with her and hopefully she will be ok. Now we will just wait..

Today, 2 days later she's back!! All better luckily. All staff of hotel knew she was sick and everybody was asking if she was ok. So sweet, really!

Really counting down the days now, because our colleague Puck is going in 6 days!! Noooo =( luckily Chris and me still have 3 weeks left. We only have to work untill the 28th of August and we will be free from then untill the 4th of September whoohoo.

This was all for now.. I have some nice pictures left, so check them out.

Loek & Lot with Bryan

Making pizza's

Kids & Eco - looking for small animals

Boattrip with Kids&Co

Miss him so much. Milan was such a sweet kid 😍

Eehhh what do you want?!

We had some fun with Tijger & Loeloe 🙈

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