24 jul. 2014


Oh help! Already done so many things and forgot a lot at the time. Where do I start?! Hmm ok, last week we rented some scooters for the first time. Just to check if it's not to dangerous on these Turkish roads and if it's nice to have them. Well it WAS! We can rent a scooter for one whole day for 10 euro and have to get benzine by ourselves. Well with one full tank (around 25 lira) you have enough for the whole day. This is like 9 euro.. Good price, right!

18 jul. 2014

Crying mommy's

We had our first 2 crying mommy's! One of them is maybe thinking to come back to Paradiso in August. Aaaah only the thought makes me very happy. Of course we hope to see them (whole family) again asap. It is and stays very difficult to say goodbye =(

13 jul. 2014

Falling in love with these kids again

Okay, I am managing my time into working time and free time and want to tell you soooo many things. I really HAVE to write it down or I will forget many things, because there is happening a lot over here. We got our first Skype meeting with Holland and they are happy with the results over here.

11 jul. 2014

creating new stories..

Before starting this new blog I really had to read my blog from last year. I thought I could blog more then I do now, but that's really my enthusiasm. We have such a full programn and this heat is also killing me. It gets you exhausted and every moment we have a break we want to use it for relaxing, drinking and sleeping.

3 jul. 2014

Starting with the kids

The working part has just started! Our last free day was this friday, when we went on a jeep safari organized by Corendon. We went on the safari with 7 jeeps. We visited some nice places and had big waterfights while we were driving on the mountains. The team that organised the safari was very nice. They tried to make fun of us and others and explained (in english and german) us a lot about the Turkish culture. There was a short lunchbreak were we could eat and have a dive in the cold water. After this day we were very tired and a little burned.