26 jun. 2014

Warming up!

Hi guys, you might notice I don't posted a blog every day this week. As most of you might know I am in Turkey now. And I will stay here for 3 whole months. Of course I will still blog a lot, bit it is going to be a little bit difficult to post a lot about Fashion and beauty. For the people who've been to Turkey, they will understand ;) No, not so much streetstyle to photograph overhere and most new clothes are just fake Calvin Klein things. Not really my thing and also not yours! 

22 jun. 2014

100happydays-challenge - week 5

Every week I post my happy days from last week, this week it's already week number 5! Don't have aaaany problems with this 100 happy days challenge.

19 jun. 2014

Finished Akademie Vogue!

Yay!! Today I finally and definitely heard I finished Vogue Akademie with amazing final grades (if I say so myself). I worked my butt of last year and created a nice and cool PortfolioI learned a lot during my courses fashionstyling, media styling and graphic design (Photoshop, illustrator & InDesign). It also helped me with the start-up of my blog and also with making my own business cards, logo and lay-outs.

18 jun. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Urban Printed Streetstyle VIDEO

It has been a while ago I posted some of my work. Before I go to Turkey (omg in 1 week already) I really need to post more of my work. Today I post my best best BEST work. I made a video all by myself. I had to fix every detail, from styling, music until models, location and material (in images and video's).

17 jun. 2014

Pleuni in GLAMOUR

Hahah it's just a small thing, but I am very happy with it. My photo from the Treatwell photoshoot (promoting the Treatwell app, did you already downloaded it?!) is published on the GLAMOUR website/blog whoohoo! Awesome, right. Pleuni is a little famous ;)

15 jun. 2014


As you might know (IF your interested in soccer) the dutch soccerteam had 'a pretty good' match last Friday. Well I can be honest, it was an AMAZING match. We played againt worldleader Spain and we won with 5-1. Yes F I V E goals!!

13 jun. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

I got an awesome one for you guys! Yes i know (I use the word awesome a lot, but I dig the word..) So like every day I go to work at 09:00 o'clock and at that point I first need some coffee and just chill a little bit. But this day was different.

12 jun. 2014

Funny Fashion Quote Day

I just 'bumped into' some funny and interesting quotes which were SO right I just NEED to share it with you guys.

Agree or disagree?

11 jun. 2014

100happydays-challenge - week 5

This challenge isn't so hard for me. Almost halfway! Lets go. Day 29th untill day 35. Already following my Instagram account? @inspbypleuni  

Already getting happier every week? Let's hope so, because it's becoming summer, everybody goes on holiday and we can wear awesome thing! 

10 jun. 2014


Hi there! I was searching for some new inspiration pics and ended up with the Harajuku style. Especially asian people who dare to wear these awesome kind of outfits. Colors, fabrics and especially shocking outfits.

8 jun. 2014

Sporty Streetstyle

Again a streetstyle inspiration post for you guys. This time I gathered some sportive looks. Also a trend I spotted before and which is show a lot in Amsterdam. Especially the different kind of sneakers. The colorful the better.. Nike is a big favourite in this category. Already got yours?

6 jun. 2014

Colorrun 2014

This year the Colorrun was organized in Amsterdam for the second time. My classmate invited (or just bought me a ticket) to attempt the run. Of course I made a little report for you guys. Just an awesome day in my awesome and happy life. 

4 jun. 2014

Widget: Live Chat!

I got a new widget on my blog for you guys!! Yes, maybe you already noticed it, because my Live Chat pop's up at the right corner underneath my page. It says: 'Chat with me'.. Well that's pretty clear, right? I am so happy with this widget, because every time someone is visiting my blog, I get a pop-up on my mobile.

3 jun. 2014

DE nieuwe musthave-app

YES you're thinking the same as I am.. I found an awesome new app that you really need T-O have! It's already online available in the App-Store. We worked a lot and a lot and a LOT to make this app perfect for you guys.