31 mei 2014

Who wore it best?

Who wore it best, Naomie Harris or Rosario Dawson?

Same outfits.. yeah something that's impossible to prevent. Naomie Harris and Rosario Dawson both wore this black, sexy low cut dress from the house of Vionnet. So which one is best?

30 mei 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

As you already read in my last few blogs, I went to visit the i<3fashionbloggers event in the Nhow Hotel in Rotterdam last Saturday. There gathered a lot of bloggers. Some of them were blogging for years, but most of the girls were starters, like me. I was really looking for these girls, just to talk and argue about all kind of things. I want to learn from different startups and get the possibility to help each other.

28 mei 2014

Denim Streetstyle looks

Some awesome and inspiring Denim streetstyle looks!

More and more denim is shown these days. Already wearing denim? Try to combine it with more denim. Especially the denim dungarees are beloved by many bloggers.

26 mei 2014

ilovefashionbloggers event

Saturday the 24th of May I went to Rotterdam to join this well and professional organized event hosted by I<3fashionbloggers (thank you guys, it was amazing). The view, oh my goodness. Terrific..

25 mei 2014

Taste of Amsterdam!

Every year in May there is the big event called Taste of Amsterdam. This year it was organised at the Amstel Park in Amsterdam. Luckily the weather was SO good! For Holland this is high summer-level. SO a friend of mine (who's a fan of food and works in the Amstel Hotel) invited me to visit this event with him. Wooow he surprised me with all these awesome things. We tasted a lot of things and also drank some good cocktail. Especially the big glasses I liked a lot!

24 mei 2014

On my way to - ilovefashionbloggers event

Hi all! Today I will be in Rotterdam to visit the i<3fashionbloggers Q&A with famous and lovely Dutch fashionbloggers Negin Mirsalehi (like!!!), Linda Tol and Yara Michels! Can't wait to see and hear their stories. My bestie Parisa is joining me! We're starting at 13:30 o'clock in the Nhow Hotel with a coming together drink and then at 14:00 o'clock the speaking part will start.

23 mei 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Spotted at DGTL festival! This was so funny. I immediately saw this stylish girl. I ran from behind my OLA icecream car (you see 2 guys who were there fortunately) to this girl to ask if I can pleaaaase make a picture of her inspiring outfit. When I closely entered her I saw it was someone I already knew!!

22 mei 2014

100happydays-challenge - week 3

Next week, more happy photo's!!! And what a blast.. Because I have some difficulty with caunting, there will be 2 extra's!

21 mei 2014

Jump into a dungaree!

The Dungaree Trend

Also amazed by this dungaree-trend. More and more pictures appear with awesome and pretty models in these dungareed. And yeaah.. they look good, as always.. But will it fot a normal girl or women? Do you want to try it or do you think it would't be awesome enough. I am curious, so please share your thoughts with me!

19 mei 2014

Cannes Filmfestival

These are the dresses spotted at Cannes Filmfestival 2014. Which is your favorite?

The eyecather of the day was Blake Lively in this amazing Chanel dress!

17 mei 2014


I went searching between latest fashion shows for summer 2014 and saw some interesting, inspirational, but overall fun and crazy material. Wanted to share them with you!

16 mei 2014

100happydays-challenge - week 2

Still super active with my 100-happy-days challenge! And here is week 2. Just sharing my happy moments, because a day without a smile is a day that's totallywasted. Enjoy life, you only live once!

15 mei 2014

Full Denim Look

Amazed by these photo's...

The outfits are made with only denim items. So cool!! What's your opinion? Some are a bit girly, but i think these will only make the shoot more interesting. Like the denim skirts and especially the denim shoes (kind of wedges).

14 mei 2014

Swimwear that causes butterflies'

Almost summer (yes I am also called Pleuni THE optimist!!) but really it's only taking 2 short months before it will be high summer. SO time for some new bathingsuits or bikini sets! Because you NEED to have one or at least 2 new bikini's a year right? Well I do.. I just bumped into this amaaaazing swimwear collection at Nelly.com! To  immediately go to the webshop, click here.

11 mei 2014

Mommy's Day (L)

One special day, a day that everybody just sees how important this women is. She made you, your life is HER life, she raised you, she learned you everything. Appreciate your mom, because you only have 1 real one!! I appreciate my mom in everything she does. She's my angel, my best friend and my role model.

10 mei 2014

BUY ON MY BLOG: Cut out boots!

Oh my lord, yes yes I reaaaally found something interesting! You're gonna thank me later.. Because these cut out boots are amazing! We've already seen a lot of bloggers walking with cut out boots, heels or other shoes and now you can also walk in a terrific pair of these!!! These cut out boots from loavies are the prettiest ones I spotted. Agree or agree?!

9 mei 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

So last week I visited the big and yearly Beautygloss party. The theme was 'Paris' and all girls spent a lot of attention to their outfits. So me and my iPhone were ready for take-off. I shot a few outfits and had a lot of fun. Want to see more of my visit to this event/party? 

8 mei 2014

World Cup Dress 2014

Also this year, Olcay Gulsen, 'the big mastermind' behind the wellknown brand Supertrash, again designed her famous 'World Cup dress'

Since the introduction of the sexy orange dress during the World Cup in 2010, everyone is expecting a new dress from the designer every year

6 mei 2014

Miley Cyrus in Artistique VIDEO

We know that Miley seizes every opportunity to pull her clothes off, but this time I thought it was still pretty cool! In the short artistic film "Tongue Tied" you see Miley (as she is) but in a cool and artistique way. It's pretty 'heavy' but still worth  watching. Unlike her own Instagram art projects, this a project by artist Quentin Jones and we see Miley as we know; with few clothes on the body.

5 mei 2014

Metallic Monday

Thank god it's Monday. Yes MONDAY, only because it's metallic monday. Yes the awesome clothing are back. Inspired by my own assignment fashion styling. I'm making a forecast book for a brand new collection which will be sold in Luisa Via Roma - Florence. My theme exist of holographic designs, mirroring and metallics.

4 mei 2014

Furnitured temporary room Amsterdam!

Yeah guys, again I am looking for someone (preferring a girl between 19 and 29 years) who wants to rent my room for 2 or 3 whole months. As last year I will go to Turkey again for this period. I was asked to entertain the children in an All Inclusive Hotel in Alanya, called Club Paradiso. So I will be gone from the 22th of April until the 25th of September

3 mei 2014

Beautygloss Pre-Party Amsterdam

Yes, I visited the 3th beautygloss party yesterday! I was one of the ladies on the press list, because Treatwell got an invitation. Ofcourse I couldn't say no to this offer!!! Around 16:30 o'clock I left the office and went to 'De Beurs van Berlage' near to Amsterdam Central Station where the party/event started. Soo many girls were standing in line! 

2 mei 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Again a girl I saw at DGTL, she was just SO happy and was wearing the perfect festival outfit I had to ask her to pose for my blog. And YES she was in for a small photoshoot. I love the transparant top in her black short. Just very simple,

1 mei 2014

Treat yourself well!

This post is for my followers who live in Holland, because it's only possible to book on this website in Holland. So as you might know I work at Treatwell, a beauty & wellness website/platform which already connected more than over 1000 salons in the Netherlands! Whoohoo. Check their website here. So I can give you 10 euro discount if you book your online treatment after clicking on the link below!