17 apr. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Shoppingpages LINDA Magazine

I had to make 2 shoppingpages for LINDA Magazine (a dutch magazine from Linda de Mol, a famous presentator/actrice and now also head of her own lifestyle/women-magazine in holland). It's focussed on the december month of 2014, so christmas and new years eve. We could do everything with it, just it had to be 'Linda-like'.
One page had to be for women and one for men. Both pages had to connect with each other. I chose to use silver as my main theme.

As you can see, the women can wear the dress, combine it with these shoes, drink her champagne in these glasses, wear this (La vie est belle - Lancome MY FAVE) lovely fragrance, cook from this book, combined with this make-up and it's one 'picture perfect'. Same for the men of course. And also the women and men have to match with each other. Husband and wife.. Both dressed well, smell good and look stylish for the beginning of a new year.

Final Rating: 8,5


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