15 apr. 2014

Luisa Via Roma

My visit to this lovely and inspiring store/warehouse in Florence - Italy, called Luisa Via Roma. See my pics and let me know what you think is the best part of this shop, because I think EVERYTHING is amazing. From the clothing/brands, to the design, the fabrics, the fitting dols and the materials. I can call this amazing styling, good job!

The prints on the fabrics you see everywhere (fitting dolls and walls) are all made by Vlisco - Dutch Pride! Vlisco in Holland is the unique producer of the prestigious VLISCO Real Dutch Wax & Java Prints and leader in the market of African Prints. Vlisco is located in Helmond.

The famous VLISCO prints! Love it.

Les Petits Joueur - left one: €750,-

This styling is just.. amazing! The long arms, the prints and then the shoes <3<3

Dolce & Gabbana

 Giuseppe Zanotti

  Giuseppe Zanotti

Bag - MCM Munchen

So when you go to Florence, you should reaaaally visit Luisa Via Roma. Oh and another tip: when you go inside and say you want to go to the Luisa Via Roma Outlet (oh yeah there is one!!) they will orde a cab for you on their costs. In 10 minutes the cab will arrive and brings you to the outlet and if it's necessary also back again.


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