14 apr. 2014

CHALLENGE: 100 happy days!

You're going to join my CHALLENGE?!

So I saw this awesome idea. Yes I think I CAN! I am a typical optimist, no typical.. what am I saying?! I'm not just a normal one. I really see everything as a possibility. Every difficulty has it's negative sides, but I would NEVER see this side. I only see what is good of this part or how to make it better.
So let's start #100happydays from NOW ON!

I will post a 100 days happy picture on my blog's Instagram account (@inspbypleuni). Already following? I will post a 'me is happy-photo' everyday! And the thing is.. I just want to motivate you guys to join me in my @100happydays adventure. You will notice, if you really just TRY to be happy more often, many things will workout better than before. I can assure you.

So, who's in?! Just post your 100happydays on Instagram, Tumblr, Blog, Facebook or somewhere else and add the hashtag #100happydays and ofcourse tag @inspbypleuni with it! Can't wait to see you guys HAPPY!

Day 1: !


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