22 apr. 2014

Annoying telephone manners!

 Our phones have become a part of our lives. The result is that we are actually quite developed, but also anti-social. Secretly we are all guilty of this phone manners. Below you can read what exactly I'm talking about. Do you recognize them? And do you feel as guilty as I am?

1. You leave your phone on the table while eating. Pretty annoying for the people you're eating with. I understand that a 'glowing screen' can be very distracting, so put your phone back in your bag and just put it on 'sound off'.

2. You will be literally furious when playing Flappy Bird of Candy Crush and it wont go as you planned. Games on your phone can be extremely addictive. Aren't started yet? Good, stay it that way.. Furthermore, it's better to play these games at home so that you don't annoy your friends with your own frustrations.

3. You discuss some personal things. And you'll do that on the bus, in the bathroom, in the train, anywhere.. You can't help it: it's possible that your best friend calls you while you're sitting in the bus. You're going to discuss about last weekend with her​​. Maybe one good tip is: you should say you'll just call her back later when you're out. So people will not be forced to listen to your personal stories. 

4. You act as if you check the time on your phone, but secretly you're checking if there is something exciting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. When you're receiving a whatsapp it's very tempting to just take a quick look, but it's not recommended during work or school. Do not get distracted! Just wear a watch.

5. Making snapchats at locations with many people around you with the 'front-camera'.. Well it can be strange for people around you, because they might think you're making a picture of them. Try to just make a selfie outside, instead in a train or whatever ;)

6. Photos that taken with your phone.. YOU decide where these photo's end up, before you put a filter over it (of course which suits you best).

7. You send multiple messages, simply because it can. When there isn't any respond, people might get annoyed. Keep in mind people aren't free the whole day and also have a 'life'. If they answer 3 hours later, so be it. If you really want to talk to a person, just call him or her.

8. You're bored, so you send messages full of smileys in your group whatsapp's. Maybe you think it's funny at the time, but some people can get really irritated if they have 100 new messages. This is the reason that people hate group discussions...

9. You really need to know something, so you just grab your phone and search for the right answer on google instead of thinking and argue with your friends.

10. Last but not least: Bathroom selfies . A dirty mirror, the toilet in the background and still a lot worse. NOT ACCEPTED!!!

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