29 apr. 2014

100happydays-challenge - week 1

As I promised I will take a shot in this challenge to be happy for 100 days (and even more)! these 100 days I will post 1 photo each day with the hashtag #100happydays + a hashtag with the number of the day. I post these photo's on my Instagram account and I thought.. Well there are also people that don't have IG (WHY NOT?!), buuuut for you guys I will post a blog every week with my happy-photo's from last week. So here's WEEK ONE...

28 apr. 2014

My Kingsday-story...

Just want to share this awesome day with you guys. Just watch the smiles. So I am not gonna write the story, the photo's will tell itselfs... 

26 apr. 2014

Kingsday schedule Amsterdam!

The FIRST year we celbrate our King! Kingsday 2014.
So like many bloggers I see a lot of outfit post, like what to wear. But where to go?! Here are some awesome places to go in Amsterdam -

25 apr. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

I had such an exhausting but awesome weekend! I worked on one of the first outside festivals of the year, called DGTL (Digital for techno/deephouse music). I was working for OLA (yes, the ice creams) both days from 10:30 until around 00:00 o'clock.

24 apr. 2014

6-stars and their look-a-likes

Every superstar has his/her own personal stunt man or woman who does his/hers "dangerous stunts". Here's a nice list of 6 celebrities and their look-a-likes...

23 apr. 2014

Who wore it best?!

Same outfit, different person. I think nobody wants to wear something an other person already wore. Ofcourse this happens and I found a good one for you guys. This lovely dress was already worn in 2012 and again this year we saw it on Brandy. Who wore it best?!

22 apr. 2014

Annoying telephone manners!

 Our phones have become a part of our lives. The result is that we are actually quite developed, but also anti-social. Secretly we are all guilty of this phone manners. Below you can read what exactly I'm talking about. Do you recognize them? And do you feel as guilty as I am?

18 apr. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Spotted this cute couple in Florence. Really love these outfits. It's not TO much, just a kind of basic but in a good way. I love the hair accessories from bot of them. I also like the color of her hair in combination with the color of her coat <3 What is your opinion about this two..?

17 apr. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Shoppingpages LINDA Magazine

I had to make 2 shoppingpages for LINDA Magazine (a dutch magazine from Linda de Mol, a famous presentator/actrice and now also head of her own lifestyle/women-magazine in holland). It's focussed on the december month of 2014, so christmas and new years eve. We could do everything with it, just it had to be 'Linda-like'.

16 apr. 2014

Fashionable workwear: YES!!

Yes it DOES excist..

Heee! Suddenly something occurred to me recently. Just a random something we might be doing some more today, but what's not really talked about. (yes I like to be a little vague) It has to do with fashion and nowadays more and more attention is paid to this subject.. (I think!)

15 apr. 2014

Luisa Via Roma

My visit to this lovely and inspiring store/warehouse in Florence - Italy, called Luisa Via Roma. See my pics and let me know what you think is the best part of this shop, because I think EVERYTHING is amazing. From the clothing/brands, to the design, the fabrics, the fitting dols and the materials. I can call this amazing styling, good job!

13 apr. 2014

New nike's

Nowadays you cannot imagine a life without sneakers! (Well I don't!) It is unbelievably comfortable and there is many variety in styles and designs. Nike Air Max has been around for 27 years and for this reason, Nike has designed a special sneaker! The internationalist-Nike sneaker from the Nike x Liberty collection is the new item from this collection.

12 apr. 2014

Stromae unisex clothing collection

Less than a week ago the singer Stromae launched his first unisex clothing collection and almost the entire collection is already sold out! The store Hunting & Collecting from Brussel, where the collection is sold exclusively, was  almost all the way through their stock after only 3 days!

11 apr. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Some weeks ago I visited Florence - Italy with 3 other friends. We saw a lot of inspiring shops, buildings but also people. I took my Canon and met a lot of new people. I made this picture on the first day we visited Florence. We just walked through the centre of Florence, looking for a nice cafe or restaurant to just chill and eat some famous Italian mozzarella overthere.

10 apr. 2014

'Image Rhyme' Fashion - INFANTILE

For my course Fashion Styling A we have been busy with a forecast book for the year 2015/2016. First we had to find a theme that is changing our lives now, but especially will change it in the future.

I took a good look at what Lidewij Edelkoort all had predicted and I immediately felt energy in infantilism.

9 apr. 2014

FUNNY FACT: From prince to princess!

Always wondered how your prince Disney character figure would be looking as a woman? To be honest, we have never considered that 'gender bending' at Disney Characters was also possible. I got some nice material for you guys. Be shocked ;)

7 apr. 2014

30 ways to LOVE yourself!

Many people speak about "self-love", figure out yourself, love yourself before you start anything else... and on and on it goes. Just only loving someone else isn't so easy..

However you can just love somebody else if you can love yourself at first! So I decided to search some tips for the ones that need to make sure that you as a person are

4 apr. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Spotted this 'boy/men' at Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam (Kalversstraat). I LOVE this shop, but it isn't as good at the Urban Outfitters in New York and Antwerpen. That sucks.. Because now my image of this cool show is going down. What do you think about this one?!

3 apr. 2014

Coca-cola on your nails

OPI has already got some really cool collections on her name. The brand has already worked with Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Pink Ribbon and there are lines inspired by the Muppets, Alice in Wonderland, and even our own little Dutch country is made into different OPI's. 

1 apr. 2014

SHOCKING: Men in leggings!!

Men in leggings are hip!

Leggings, or rather white leggings under a skirt, is seen as one of the biggest fashion dont's for women. Yet those tights remains intriguing, because men are now going for the same 'mistake'.