29 mrt. 2014

Working ALONE till 22:00

Sorry, I just reaaaallly want to share my sadness with you guys ha-ha. I am working till 22:00 o'clock in a HUGEEE building ALL ALONE! omg..
Okay it is relaxed and I can work very hard, but I KNOW I always need people around me. Luckily I have such a COOL friend, because she invited me to go out tonight. CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE...

I am going to rush at home after I'm finished to change and look smoking hot and then it's time for a good R&B slash Hip-Hop party in 'De Melkweg' Amsterdam called ENCORE.

Thanks for reading this useless message. (Just a reason to do something I like at this time..)

my BEST 'sad-face'

Who's going to Encore tonight? I want to meet new friends whoohoo


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