1 apr. 2014

SHOCKING: Men in leggings!!

Men in leggings are hip!

Leggings, or rather white leggings under a skirt, is seen as one of the biggest fashion dont's for women. Yet those tights remains intriguing, because men are now going for the same 'mistake'. 

The 'megging' is becoming THE NEXT BIG THING... Yeah uuh right? Do you already see your husband in this tight kind of clothing?!!

Two British designers were inspired by stars like Justin Bieber and Russel Grand, and launched a colourful legging-line for men. With their 'meggings' they hope men to feel comfortable and selfsecured. They want men to know that they look good and can convince men that it is comfortable. 

"Everyone knows that leggings are very comfortable and they can be stylish. So why would you allow that only women," said the designers. 

Emporio Armani and Dolce & Gabanna already tried to get men in leggings in 2012, but this doesn't worked out so well.

What do you think about these meggings? Do you prefer your husband or boyfriend in a kind of legging? Hmm.. 

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1 opmerking:

  1. You can find a lot of pictures that may show it's not the best idea, but then you shouldn't show those meant to be underwear/lounge wear or long johns.

    I think the right pairs, like the blonde guy at the party looks great with them on. But it's just not for everybody.