12 mrt. 2014

OOTD - casual dressing

Today I have a busy but good day. I woke  up at 09:00 o'clock (YES so proud I woke up early on my free morning!!)
I went to the copy shop to finish my last work for mediastyling in fashion. It just had to be perfect. It is a sunny day so it'a lovely to also just enjoy the walk!
After the printing was done i went to my appointment at the nailsalon called Bee Beauty.

Ofcourse thanks to Treatwell, because I else I didn't won a 75 euro voucher!! Unfortunately I was too late (oh noooo!). It was all the fault of the copy shop, because they were so slow (haha sorry I have to blame someone..

Now I am just relaxing on Leidse Plein with a latte macchiato and a mozzarella panini. yummy!!

So I have to rush now, because at 12:45 o'clock I have my presentation for my pages about Lauren Conrad and myself as a famous blogger (like in 2018). Will keep u updated ofcourse. Wish me good luck!!

Ohyeah here's my outfit hahah:

Because of the lovely weather I can wear my long dress again, so I directly took this opportunity. I combined it with my Allstars and a tough jacket to make it more basic. (The dress is a pretty chique one)

I got this ring yesterday from Asefeh, a friend that is so sweet. I met her at work and we are good going-out friends now. She is also into fashion and she said she saw this ring and immediately thought of me. That's why she bought it and gave it to me! SO sweet <3 and I LOVE it.

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