4 mrt. 2014

Let's get personal TAG

A big trend inside blogger-world. And who am I, to NOT go with this trend?! Ofcourse I am joining, because it's a pretty nice list of good and inspirational questions. To get to know me as an individual and blogger at the same time. The tag is existing of  33 questions, ready for some action?!

1. To what are you listening at the time?
And oldie but goodie: Mario - You should let me love you. 

2. Do you need something really bad now?
Yes, there is always something I want each moment. At this time it is a warm bubbly bath, because I just worked out. It would be more awesome if there was some good music, a massage and a hair treatment with it. Well I will go to bed in one hour, so luckily I can at least dream about it..

3. When is the last time you was totally broken? (emotional)

Pfff wow, what a question. Well I'm not broken so fast (luckily), but I know when I was really broken though. It was almost a year ago in April 2013 (wow time flies!!). Unfortunately my grandma died from cancer when I was in Turkey for work. (3,5 months) Still thinking about her every moment I have. Mostly wearing her necklace with hope, peace and faith on it. She was the biggest optimist I knew, and that's what she definitely teached me.

4. Do you prefer 10 kids over none?
Yeaaah for sure! I love kids. Well 10 kids is really to much for me, BUT if I have to choose between 10 over none I definitely choose for 10. I am looking forward to create a family and get happy with it.

5. Do you think you spend many time on your looks?
I am not only thinking, I know I give a lot of attention to my looks. I think it's important, because it makes me who I am and it makes me secure of myself. I love fashion and beauty and I also work in fashion and beauty, so my thoughts and actions are all about fashion and beauty.

6. What are you thinking about now?
I worked very hard for my assignments and I hope it's ok when I go to school on wednesday. Also I hope my stylebible I made last week is becomed professional and is finished tomorrow. I am very tired and I want to sleep. NOW!

7. Are you always there for your friends?
I can't say I am always there, BUT I am definitely trying to be there as much as I can. Because friends are the best and almost most important thing you can have. So you have to cherish them. Just surprise them with something once in a while, they would appreciate it a lot.

8. Who is the last person that saw you cry?
Hmm, good one. I think it was my mom?! At my grandma's place. Oh wait I am lying, it was myself who saw me crying the last time. It was like 2 weeks ago, but not interesting for you guys ;)

9. What are you always doing when your nervous?
When I am nervous I am playing with my hair, I don't know what to do with my hands and my face is making a lot of (by hearing, cute moves). Winking with my eyelashes, moving my lips and other crazy stuff. I am not nervous a lot luckily, only with men I think?!

10. Is there anybody that understands you 100%?
Nobody but yourself. BUT my mom is pretty close to 100%. She's like a friend and she almost knows everything about me and my life. What I think and what my personal goals are.

11. Do you have a reason to smile at this moment?
Do you have a reason NOT to smile?! Come on, what is this kind of question? In my life you really NEED to smile 85% a day!!!! At least..  Now I am smiling, because I am writing this blog and I think it's awesome to share my thoughts with you guys. I am also smiling, because I just worked out and I feel good about myself. I am smiling, because I work at a great brand and I love the people around me. I am smiling because I have the best parents and friends in the world. I am smiling, because my roomies are like my brothers and two of them already became a father. I am smiling because I love everything I am doing at this moment, I only think positive and I will become good in what I do, because I will always stay smiling.

12. Does anybody told you before he/se won't wanna miss you EVER?
Yes, someone very special did and it meant so much for me. I also responded with the same thing.

13. Would you be more happy if life would have an “rewind”-button?
Hmm don't know. I think you learn from some mistakes. It makes you a stronger and also better person. From every step you will grow and become more mature. Just love what you do, love what you did and try to love it even more in the future!

14. Do you tell your parents everything?
Ehh hell no. They don't know everything, but that's also not necessary. They even don't wanna know I think? BUT I can tell you they know more than random parents (I think!!). They are the most awesome mature people I know haha ;)

15. What you think about more? Past, now or the future?
Hmm.. Also a really good question. As I answered before, I just think positive on all 3 ways. Ofcourse I am more focused about the future, but I am living my life at this time and I am just enjoying what lives brings at this time. If someone says let's go to Ibiza (if I have the money and time) I definitely will go. Because doing things you love will make you more happy as a person and you will reach your goals more easily.

16. How many hours do you sleep a night?
Mostly around 7/8 hours a night and I really need them, because I am always busy and don't have a lot of rest (I also don't want it, because 24 hours a day is not a lot and I want to spend it in the best way).

17. Are you an easy person to go around with?
Ask my friends! I think I really am, because I am social, open, easy to handle, always happy and very positive. I also want to help people who I think are good and a + to my life. Anybody needs help?! haha

18. What were you drinking at the last time you drank something?
Flat water. I almost drink water every day, except of coffee and tea at work.

19. What kind of bed do you have?
A 2-person bed with black and white blankets. Just normal, not a reaaaally comfy one. Luckily I am a very deep sleeper (I also can sleep in a chair) so it's no problem. When I have my own appartement the first thing I will buy is definitely a boxspring!

20. Do people see you as an optimist or pessimist?
OPTIMIST!!! This was the most easy question..

21. With who were you in a car the last time, except your family?
Let's think.. It was with my roomies and a friend of them in a taxi. We went out last Friday night in Amsterdam. Well I went out with work and ended up with my roomies.

22. What was the last movie you saw and with who?
The last movie was: 'The wolf Wallstreet' in Tuschinski Cinema Amsterdam with Michael, my roomie. What an awesome movie is that. Wow, I laughed, I stayed into the story (for 3 hours!!) and I enjoyed everything about it. You definitely need to see it!

23. Have you been hurt by someone you never thought you were hurt by?
Yes, I am. But it made me stronger and now the contact with this person is very good. I don't like arguing about stupid things. Just forgive and forget.

24. What are your guilty pleasures of food?
Speculoos (if you read all my posts, you would already know this) and marshmallows! Oh and I can't forget the most delicious food in the world: SUSHI!

25. Did you bought some clothes this week?
I buy clothes every week. This week it were (again) a few tights from asos.com

26. Last person who made you cry?
A person that makes me smile more at the time :)

27. What are you doing tomorrow?
Yayyy working at Treatwell, Beauty and Wellness website in Amsterdam. Unfortunately I have to wake up at 7!

28. Is there somebody you are dying to see right now?

29. Do you love sugarcanes? 
When i was a little girl I did, but now I think it's TO sweet.

30. Did you ever fell asleep next to anyone?
Oh yes of course I did. The best feeling you can have. Waking up again is even better.

31. What is your vibe right now?
Very good, relaxed but tired of working, fitness and typing now. Really, many questions! I hope you guys are still interested..

32. Who was your company last night?
You want to know that right?! haha well it was my sheep! My biggest cuddling sheep there is. He is always smiling and joining me in my bed. He's soooo soft and he will NEVER cheat on me (A).

33. Do you have plans for coming weekend? 
I have plans every weekend. This weekend there is a birthday bash of a friend of mine andddd I am STILL waiting for my ex-roomie to become a father, because it's a week after the date the baby had to come. CAN'T WAIT!

Hope you enjoyed, you can also copy this personal Tag from me if you want. I am curious about your answers. Want to know more about some questions I answered? Respond on this blog and I will tell you more about me.
Do you have some more awesome questions I can answer in a becoming blog to make a new personal-tag, then also respond please! Dying to get inspired by you guys.


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