9 mrt. 2014

PORTFOLIO - Illustrator: My own logo!

Next to my Photoshop course I also followed Illustrator on Vogue Academy. This program is different and totally NOT easy. Photoshop also isn't.. but my interest was more in Photoshop then in drawing things by myself. BUT I always am interested a lot to learn new things, so I was open for this course. It's all about drawing lines and simple figures and create other logo's/stuff with it by doing some tricks and well just doing whatever you want. Doing crazy things, mostly helps to get an awesome result. But, of course, you need to learn the basics.

 Well I just made my own logo with it. I wanted a business card for my Blog and just thought, well let's make my own logo (which I can use for cool stickers, business card en blog). Yes, the stickers I reaaaally want, because everywhere I go there will be a inspiredbypleuni.blogspot.com reference! So if anybody knows a good shop/place where I can print these stickers for a good price, really respond on this blog please!!

Where it originally came from. I did a photoshoot in November 2013 and I used this image to create my logo for mu blog. Playfull meets Classy. My blog is about fashion, fun, but I am also showing my Portfolio so I thought this was a good balance to communicate to the world what I'm about.

So here we go, this is my business card (the colors are the same as my blog). I also chose for a standing card, because it is for my blog and you can think about the 'scrolling' you also do when you're reading blogs. This is just a small detail why I chose for this kind of design. As you can see, I use my logo everywhere and the line surrounding, with a small stop on the top, where I put BLOG. I don't know if you can see this line, because it's a very small and clean one..

And also a lay-out for writing-paper. You never know right ;)

My wish is also to make some awesome stickers for my blog, so these are also coming. I am just thinking about the lay-out and I have some ideas for now. Maybe  a round one with my logo in the middle... If anybody had a good idea, then respond on this blog!

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