17 mrt. 2014


Drunkorexia is dieting extremely against alcohol pounds.

I read about an interesting subject. It's called drunkorexia and the name really inspired me to also write something about it. Just also want to share some things that are happening in the Netherlands. (My opinion about all the 'popular news' in Holland is that's it's really a shame we are putting so many energy in topics that are so useless.)

But well.. We have to talk about anything, so this time it's about young people who drink a lot and stop eating to not gain that extra pounds.

As a student you often eat unhealthy, many fat food and drink a lot of alcohol, and that combination makes sure you arrive pounds. Many students see drunkorexia also as a solution to counter this. This results in eating very bad or almost nothing to compare the alcohol pounds.

A glass of wine or a beer occasionally can not hurt, but for many students a night out turns in a drinking party. If you drink a lot and do not exercise, then the chance you arrive a few pounds is very high. Students who live on their own (for the first time) are gaining 1.3 pounds (average measuring) in the first three months. If you are a member of a student organisation you drink more often, so you arrive on average 2.1 pounds.

To lose those extra kilos from drinking, some students go on a diet and they develop drunkorexia. This means that they as well as eat anything during the weekdays and go all out on the weekend with alcohol. According Elske van den Berg of Novarum, a treatment center for eating disorders, it is a worrying development. "It's normal to not eat properly and drink plenty of fluids. Drunkorexia is not really an eating disorder such as anorexia, but it can result in here", she is letting us know .

Top 5 most calories in alcohol 
Below are the top five alcoholic drinks with the most calories. The amount of calories indicated by the glass. 

Red wine:     155 calories per 125 milliliters 
White wine:  155 calories per 125 milliliters 
Beer:            110 calories per 250 milliliters 
Liqueur:        110 calories per 35 milliliters 
Rose:            110 calories per 125 milliliters

Oh yeah btw, you should also google 'drunk' ! I can assure you, you will find some awesome pics!

What do you drink on a regular night out? 1,2 of maybe 10 glasses?


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