11 mrt. 2014

Chanel x Supermarket

A special catwalk show was seen in the collection of Chanel AW14/15
Karl Lagerfeld, The Grand Palais transformed into a true Chanel store. 

More than one hundred products were presented at the supermarket. More than 500 labels of everyday products were restyled in Chanel style, such as cans of peas, whiskey, cooking oil and Coco doormats stamped with "Mademoiselle Private".
Everything was spic and span an the entire department store was filled with meats, cheeses, beverages and more! The chairs of the guests were made of cardboard boxes and espresso was served in Chanel printed cups. Really nothing is overlooked and everything is perfect to the smallest detail.

The clothes were like the SS14 collections of a sporty look, sneakers and trendy tracksuits. We see a lot of metallics and obviously you see a lot of the Chanel tweed collection. Then we also see the female round (shoulder) forms, oversized coats and three-quarter sleeves. The colors we see are black, gray, pink and occasionally an eye catcher like bright green or orange. 

It's a democratic collection, Lagerfeld thinks the suits should remain. 
"If you want to look really ridiculous, you go into a supermarket in stilettos."
Karl wants to show and let people know that the clothing is not just for wealthy women who probably do not even go to the supermarket itself, but it are clothes that all women would want to wear that are chic, feminine and comfortable

Unusual was that after the 'show' the models didn't disappeared behind the scenes, but they went shopping in the supermarket!


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