31 mrt. 2014

A 'kind of' new adventure!

Yes yes yesssss

Really didn't expect this, but one week ago I spoke with a friend about my animation work last year in Turkey. I just changed my Whatsapp profile into one picture with my fave kids I played with in the mini swimmingpool (love this photo!). CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE

So, I can say: Whatsapp, your AWESOME. Because if I didn't change my profile picture, my friend wouldn't talk with me about my nice experience and I wouldn't directly send an e-mail to the person that fixes everything about Kids & Co.

This was last year with Cindy, my BEST team-mate ever!

So this year I will be in Turkey - Alanya again for 2 months.. From 28th of June untill the end of August. BUT me and my parents already booked our holiday in Sorgun from 9 September untill the 25th of September. SO (because I know a lot of influental people in Club Paradiso) I am trying to stay 1 week more. That means that I will be in Turkey 3 whole months! whooooo, getting 'black' again!

The Hotel is called Club Paradiso and it's a 5 star (luxurious) All Inclusive Hotel with many nice facilities. The Dutch kidsclub is called Kids & Co and is organised by Corendon. I wil be working in this kidsclub. I really love kids, the sun, nice and crazy people, good food, movement and dancing so this is really the perfect combination for me. Last year I already worked here and it was the best time of my life untill now! So really CAN'T wait. You can AGAIN expect a weekly blog about my adventures overthere.


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4 opmerkingen:

  1. "animation" gets a whole new meaning... it means fun, adventure, out-of the-box..
    I am proud of you my daughter..

  2. Dat ziet er echt super gezellig uit! wat leuk dat je dat dit jaar dan weer gaat doen! Je banner is trouwens heel mooi :)

    1. Ja het is ook geweldig. Ik kijk er alweer enorm naar uit. Dankjewel voor het compliment! X