31 mrt. 2014

A 'kind of' new adventure!

Yes yes yesssss

Really didn't expect this, but one week ago I spoke with a friend about my animation work last year in Turkey. I just changed my Whatsapp profile into one picture with my fave kids I played with in the mini swimmingpool (love this photo!). CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE

29 mrt. 2014

Working ALONE till 22:00

Sorry, I just reaaaallly want to share my sadness with you guys ha-ha. I am working till 22:00 o'clock in a HUGEEE building ALL ALONE! omg..
Okay it is relaxed and I can work very hard, but I KNOW I always need people around me. Luckily I have such a COOL friend, because she invited me to go out tonight. CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE...

28 mrt. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Heee! This lady is looking stunning. I didn't knew here, because she works a lot 'outside the office.' Yes, she is a colleague of mine at Treatwell (in beauty). I asked her: 'Why are you working in beauty when you look like this?!' CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE...

25 mrt. 2014

TINDERELLA: a modern fairytale

Haha this is so awesome. Everybody knows Tinder right?! Well here's a nice and overall funny compilated animation movie about the famous TINDER app.

Do you use Tinder? And fixed a Tinder date? I am curious to the BEST Tinder-dates, so share your story with me and my readers! CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE...

24 mrt. 2014

Emotji-app by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld always seems to be a quite cool person with the large, dark sunglasses which he always wears on his nose, it is really hard to see how the designer thinks about something. 
Yet he launched an emoji app to help you better express your feelings through your phone. 
The application 'EmotiKarl' is designed for the promotion of Karl Lagerfelds eponymous new fragrance, but despite that it is advertising, the app is very nice! So you can choose different Karl-faces, cats, glasses and hands. And all in the style of the designer! CLICK ON TITLE OR BELOW TO READ MORE...

23 mrt. 2014

Serious? Céline has an outlet-store!

Our fashion hearts may go beat faster: Céline has opened an outlet store ! Yes, the only less positive thing is that's it located in  New York.
But if you really happen to go soon (and you are an über fan of  Celine) then it might be worth the trip. 

21 mrt. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day


This morningspotted this girl at the metrostation 'Amstelveenseweg' in Amsterdam. I was on my way to work and was still kind of sleeping.. Then I saw a kind of colourbomb on this rainy and dark morning. She was surprised of my photo-attack but was also interested why I am doing this. I proudly told her about my blog and gave my first self-made businesscard whoohoo awesome!

20 mrt. 2014

Generation Rave

All season TOP-extra's

This season it's all about accessories. Not normal or simple ones.. The bigger, the better as you might know. This time designers added optic and dramatic prints and holographic treatments to their accessories. I chose to show you the real GENERATION RAVE in different kind of shoes. Why shoes? Well because I like shoes and I think shoes can say a lot more about your style and outfit.

19 mrt. 2014

Craving to sweat in style!

Topshop x Adidas Originals

Topshop and world famous sports brand Adidas Originals' first capsule collection launches next Thursday, March 20. The collection only consist of 20 pieces, but you can expect a pretty good dose of eccentric sportswear slash fashionable street style looks.

18 mrt. 2014

Snoop Dogg got his French Manicure

Treat yo'self!


Yes, I am NOT kidding. Our swagggin' snoop went to a nail salon to freshin' up his nails at Hey Nice NailsHe proudly showed his nails on Instagram, but the responds of his fans and also colleagues (especially men) weren't softly called 'enthusiastic'.

17 mrt. 2014


Drunkorexia is dieting extremely against alcohol pounds.

I read about an interesting subject. It's called drunkorexia and the name really inspired me to also write something about it. Just also want to share some things that are happening in the Netherlands. (My opinion about all the 'popular news' in Holland is that's it's really a shame we are putting so many energy in topics that are so useless.)

16 mrt. 2014

Becoming 23!!


Today I allready became 23 years old. 
I went dining with 6 friends of mine in Vlissingen. They even sing for me (+ little China lady and the whole table excisting of 15 people behind us). I also got a few very nice presents!

15 mrt. 2014

VIDEO: 20 random people kissing

In this video 20 strangers kiss for the first time. You really NEED to see this video, because it's so sweet!

14 mrt. 2014

Friday - Streetstyleday

Spotted these three in (where else then..) Amsterdam! This was in the always busy Kalversstraat. They are dressed very black, but you can see that they belong together. A random thing that you see more often. Friends dress like other friends, like the same music, shop at the same store and doing so much more identical things.

12 mrt. 2014

OOTD - casual dressing

Today I have a busy but good day. I woke  up at 09:00 o'clock (YES so proud I woke up early on my free morning!!)
I went to the copy shop to finish my last work for mediastyling in fashion. It just had to be perfect. It is a sunny day so it'a lovely to also just enjoy the walk!
After the printing was done i went to my appointment at the nailsalon called Bee Beauty.

11 mrt. 2014

Chanel x Supermarket

A special catwalk show was seen in the collection of Chanel AW14/15
Karl Lagerfeld, The Grand Palais transformed into a true Chanel store. 

More than one hundred products were presented at the supermarket. More than 500 labels of everyday products were restyled in Chanel style, such as cans of peas, whiskey, cooking oil and Coco doormats stamped with "Mademoiselle Private".

9 mrt. 2014

PORTFOLIO - Illustrator: My own logo!

Next to my Photoshop course I also followed Illustrator on Vogue Academy. This program is different and totally NOT easy. Photoshop also isn't.. but my interest was more in Photoshop then in drawing things by myself. BUT I always am interested a lot to learn new things, so I was open for this course. It's all about drawing lines and simple figures and create other logo's/stuff with it by doing some tricks and well just doing whatever you want. Doing crazy things, mostly helps to get an awesome result. But, of course, you need to learn the basics.

8 mrt. 2014

OOTD: J'adore le soleil

Today, Amsterdam was a little more pretty. Yes you could read it in my title, the sun was showing her pretty sunrays and I got an even bigger smile on my face. I knew I had to do a LOT of homework (because I have to overtake, cause of my little holiday in Italy last week), but I couldn't ignore this weather.

7 mrt. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

I walked into this girl when I took my train to Den Bosch (I was visiting my mom who works over there). This was in front of central station and I think she was waiting for a friend. Her coat is amazing and I think it's pretty warm also (that's just necessary here in Holland)!

6 mrt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Stylebible 2014 - Streetstyle

Here you all can take a look in my personal stylebible 2014. These photo's are photographed by me in Amsterdam, Prague, Florence, Utrecht and some other places. All pictures are streetstyle which inspired me. The written text next to the photo's is something the person I photographed said to me about their style. I asked questions about their style, what inspired them, where they buy their clothes and what they want to radiate to other people.

5 mrt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Fashion Report ELLE Magazine

We had to make a fashion report for the Dutch ELLE Magazine. This had to be 4 pages and we had to make 2 kind of reports, BUT they had to be totally different. Ofcourse every person has his or her own style in making and creating things. This was an experiment for everyone if they could make pretty things outside their comfort zone.

4 mrt. 2014

Let's get personal TAG

A big trend inside blogger-world. And who am I, to NOT go with this trend?! Ofcourse I am joining, because it's a pretty nice list of good and inspirational questions. To get to know me as an individual and blogger at the same time. The tag is existing of  33 questions, ready for some action?!

1. To what are you listening at the time?
And oldie but goodie: Mario - You should let me love you. 

2. Do you need something really bad now?
Yes, there is always something I want each moment. At this time it is a warm bubbly bath, because I just worked out. It would be more awesome if there was some good music, a massage and a hair treatment with it. Well I will go to bed in one hour, so luckily I can at least dream about it..

3. When is the last time you was totally broken? (emotional)

3 mrt. 2014

Jeremy Scot for Moschino - Cool pop-art!

Thinking out of the box!

This is THE fashionshow everybody talks about..
Pop art meets: McDonalds, Spongebob, Cheesecakes, American Logo's and more crazy stuff.