22 feb. 2014

What happens in Italy..

Stays in Italy..

Day 3..

Again a brand new day in Florence. We had a lot of rain and problems with wifi in the Hostel. (Just now you see how much internet means to a person haha HEL!).

Perfect breakfast/brunch

The 20th of February it was Lotte°s birthday. We bought some candles, a birthdaycard in Italian (we know now the text on the card meant: Your in my heart haha) and arranged a chocolate brownie in a restaurant. Inclusive an Italian singer who sang Happy birthday for her! I hope she was surprised. The same night we went dining with 2 other girls from fashion styling. We met at .. and enjoyed of some good wines/processo.

On Thursday we had our first night out!! We didn't eat ik the evening, because we had a pizza for breakfast and ate a lot of chips and peanuts.
Around 22:00 we went to the other side of Florence, elegant on our heels! Florence is not a heel-free city though.. But we survived.

We ended in a cocktailbar, where we all drinked one delicious cocktail, black mojito, passion mojito, rosemary collin and a passion bonbon. The cocktails were very nice, but unfortunately €13,- a piece. Also Stephanie and her friend came to the Fusion Bar. We stayed untill it closed (00:30) and had a lot of fun with the barmen.;) They helped us with some going-out places.

My delicius black mojito (I'm a Mojito fan, like my mom haha)


We danced all night long (oh well.. Just untill 03:00, because EVERYTHING was closed after 3) in Colleberetto on not-so-very-good music in a sort of 'VIP-room'. Unfortunately we had to pay €20,- for 4 shots and read the day after On Faceook were screwed!! =/ They usually sell 6 shots for €5,-. BASTARDS.

Free shots!

Sharon, Lotte and me

But hey.. It was a very good night out and we also slept really good. The next morning we found a good place to have breakfast for €6,- and got a sandwich, fresh juice and a latte machiato. Perfecto! The sun was shining for the very first time, so we were ready to go shopping.

Around 13:00 (when we finally showered and dressed up) we went to out first museum-stop.  

Salvatore Ferragamo, 10.000 shoe designs presented in Florance. It was very inspiring and I will definitely make a special blogpost about it for you guys. I photographed a lot and I am dying to share it with you.

The best one I could find! Love it <3

Ofcourse promoting my blog, everywhere I can.. (A)

After the museum visit we wanted to go shopping (it really took to long). BUT the weather was so good (sun, blue sky..) that we wanted to enjoy the moment. So we went to a nice spot with some restaurant/bars and enjoyed the sun and some wine (ofcourse) for 2,5 hours.

Around 17:00 o'clock we decided it was neccessary to SHOP! We walked and walked and bought an ice-cream. Italian icecream is the best!! 

Alys is enjoyingggg hahah

And  FINALLY.. We bought something! Yaayyy ☺️


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