21 feb. 2014

There is a new world for me..


Yes, I really want to share my happiness with you guys. It's just a small thing, but I am so happy about it.
Last year I had to buy some new glasses, but I never wore my old ones because I didn't like it and the feeling annoyed me. BUT when I came to Pearle in Middelburg (The south-west of the Netherlands, where I grew up, though) I found THE ONE. I bought some new glasses from the brand Look and I really was totally in love. From that moment I was wearing my glasses almost every day. And it's necessary, because I have -2,5 !! That's not very very good haha..

In the meantime I was used to this kind of seeing and I only wore my glasses at school and when I was driving (luckily for my passengers..)

BUT when I went on a short trip to Turkey, (I was going there to record the new commercial from Corendon) I stupidly forgot my glasses in the airplane and I never found it back again =( OMG, I was so sad. Fortunately I have a good insurance and I arranged every little bit and got back all my €€€ to buy a new one. 

Also luckily Pearle had the precise same frame in stock and today was the day it arrived at Pearle in Amsterdam.

Tadaaaa.. (so happy I have it before I went to Florence)


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