6 mrt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Stylebible 2014 - Streetstyle

Here you all can take a look in my personal stylebible 2014. These photo's are photographed by me in Amsterdam, Prague, Florence, Utrecht and some other places. All pictures are streetstyle which inspired me. The written text next to the photo's is something the person I photographed said to me about their style. I asked questions about their style, what inspired them, where they buy their clothes and what they want to radiate to other people.

I photographed these people because they inspired me with their clothes and accessories. I made a screenshot from the details I liked on each person. The best photo's I shot in Florence. 

Sorry for all my international readers, but most texts are in dutch (it was an assignment for Academy Vogue).

Thanks to the perfect online service of  Hema I created this photoalbum.

I also made some extra's by hand, to make it a bit more attractive. Photo's of the final result I will post on my Instagram. Allready following? @inspbypleuni

Final Rating: 7,5

Which streetstyle do you like most and which person inspired you?

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