10 feb. 2014


Meanwhile we all know what SNAPCHAT is about..

The app, which among iPhone can also be used on samsung and who knows also other devices, has been a success. In case by me, and my friends it is.

A brief explanation about this app:

Snap Chat is a program on your phone that can make photo's (for example your own photo (like the famous selfie) or a photo of your environment, food or something crazy/beautiful). You can only send pictures to people who have the program on their phone. 

You have a number of filters to make the photo more beautiful and you can also type in text or even write. The fun part is that you can also draw on your photographs. I think you already understand what photo's you will get..

The best part (that's my opinion) about this app is that you can add a few seconds. It determines how long the picture will be visible with the person who receives it. The recipient must continue to keep seeing and touching for example after 3 seconds, the picture disappears. The picture is not stored anywhere, so the picture will be gone.

BUT, if the recipient is quick and smart he/she can make a print screen of the image of the phone. The sender than will receive a message the photo is print screened. (And of course..   my friends already did it!!)

Now, this last part I also did. BUT for good cause (of course). I want to show you guys how it looks like and what kind of photo's I am receiving of my dear friends. So guys/girls who I printscreened, sorry haha! I only picked the nice and good ones. LOVE

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