18 feb. 2014

Pretty little Italy

I am going to Italy guys! I've been here before, but only when I was a little kid. I don't remember many things of it so it will be a brand new experience for me. Me and my girls will visit the pretty (by hearing) 


Ofcourse I hope the weather Will be better then here (in Holland its like rainy with many clowds and sometimes really heavy wind !). I checked te weather and it will be around 16-20 degrees, whoooo. Sunglasses are allready packed in.

We booked a hostel for 5 nights and I am so curious about this one, because most hostels aren't ao called pretty.. BUT this one (REALLY) got its own fitness and sauna. OMG.. That would be so great. I told all the girls to definitely bring their bikini's, because we will use the SPA a lot.

So this Wednesday we are flying from Schiphol Airport (luckily it's next to my house) at 07:00 in the morning. All the girls will sleep over here and from here we will start our little adventure together.

Oh and so you know.. The girls are all from my fashion styling course at Vogue Academy. So we will do A LOT of shopping.

I will try to post as much of Italy as I can. I am taling my Canon with me, but I won't take my laptop so uploading photo's can only be done when I am back in Holland. I think I will just make photo's with my iPhone. Its the 5th, so the camera is also very sharp.

If someone has Some suggestions to definitely not miss anything awesome in Florence or also calles Firenze.. Pleaase let me know! I want to know all hotspots in fashion, shopping, art, clubs, cocktail bars and food!!


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