5 mrt. 2014

PORTFOLIO: Fashion Report ELLE Magazine

We had to make a fashion report for the Dutch ELLE Magazine. This had to be 4 pages and we had to make 2 kind of reports, BUT they had to be totally different. Ofcourse every person has his or her own style in making and creating things. This was an experiment for everyone if they could make pretty things outside their comfort zone.
As you can see I first made a very busy and full color report for ELLE, existing of a few fashion items on models combined with some home furniture all in warm colors. I also filled the background with warm colors like dark brown, honey and black.

In each report you had to put ONE picture you made by yourself. This could be anything. I am curious if you guys can find out which pictures are made by me.. (This was my second assignment, so I am not super happy about the photoshopping of the pictures I made). 

Here you can see the second report. Really something else. It's white, clean and tight. I just used black an white and many stripes. The trend is Beloved Lines and I was really precise with whole lay-out

The selfmade photo's: 
In the first one it's the printed furry coat on the 3th page and in het second one it's the photo of the girl on the 4th page. The blond one right on the stairs (she is one of my best friends).

Ode aan de Bontjas loose pieces:

Beloved Lines loose pieces:

Final rating: 8,3


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