1 feb. 2014

PORTFOLIO: 1st look into my work

YAYY! Finally my portfolio will also be online.

January last year, I graduated from TMO, a college (higher education) of Fashion Management in Doorn, Utrecht. After that I enjoyed my free time to work as an animator for children (ages 3 till 12 years) in Turkey for 3 months... This was an amazing 5 star and of course all-inclusive hotel in Kestel, 7 km's from Alanya.


So in September I started at Vogue Academy in Amsterdam. Here you can follow several courses focused on the overall taste of a magazine. You can think of photography, styling, making layouts for magazines or flyers, design and material knowledge. 

I have chosen to do 3 courses side by side, all for 1 year. So on Wednesday I have to go to school from 12:45 until 18:00 o'clock and Thursday I go to school in the evening from 18:00 until 20:15 o'clock. 
I am following these courses:

- Fashion Styling
- Media Styling Fashion
- Graphic Design as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Starting with my first assignment for media fashion styling..
Here we had to create two shopping pages for the English magazine, Marie-Claire. We had to choose the trends for winter 2013 and pick out two trends which we had to work out completely. Of course you had to do some research, like the target audience, the current design and which items used in the magazine.

This was a huge challenge, since I had never worked with Photoshop before.
It was also possible to do it by hand, but I wanted to master Photoshop ASAP!

It all resulted in this:

Pleuni de Zeeuw

Pleuni de Zeeuw

Well here I put them next to each other, because this is how the pages are going to be published in the magazine. There is a lot considered about the alignment and if you look closely you can see the pictures of the models going from the left bottom to halfway the page and on the right one they go back to the right bottom. It's like a V..

Keep in mind I was just learning Photoshop for 3/4 weeks here..

Final rating:  7,8

Also follow my Instagram.
Also follow my Instagram.

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