11 feb. 2014

OOTD - tight it up!

I got a new outfitpost for you guys. As you might know (or not, because some people just following me for 2 weeks since I started with blogging 2 weeks ago), I have a huge addiction for tights. And not normal simpel tights, because honestly I hate the whole fabric tights are made of. Every lady knows that tights + nails DON'T go together.

I am only wearing special tights. They always have to be black (ladies NEVER wear skincolored tights !!) combined with a see-through part. On this see-through part there has to be some kind of image, like a hart, stripes or whatever.

So as I told you many times before I am digging the urban streetwear which I see a lot in Amsterdam at the time. So I thought by myself.. let’s combine my favourite things! 
And tadaaa.. I created this:

Shirt NY: Asos
Vest: Zara
Shorts (to be sure no one sees more than is necessary): Zara
Shoes: Vans
Tights: Asos

For some good shoppingsadvice for unique tights: go to the webshop of ASOS! Not only the tights are awesome, but they also have many other cool stuff. They do transfer to the Netherlands (SO happy about this!) and many more countries.


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