8 mrt. 2014

OOTD: J'adore le soleil

Today, Amsterdam was a little more pretty. Yes you could read it in my title, the sun was showing her pretty sunrays and I got an even bigger smile on my face. I knew I had to do a LOT of homework (because I have to overtake, cause of my little holiday in Italy last week), but I couldn't ignore this weather.
I took my new skirt, which I bought in Florence, combined it with my awesome ASOS tights which are also new and mixed it with a few of my shirts. Well, it was a match made in heaven. I have a new outfit! Hopefully the weather will be better coming season, because I can't wait to wear this or this kind of outfits again.

Unfortunately most of my tights are already dead. That's just a thing I hate about it. You can't have any sharp nails or other things with you if you are wearing tights. These special tights are more expensive and I can only order them online. I think I will make a big order next time, 5 of the same tights I like in one time. just to have some back-up. Luckily this tight is still alive. Let's hope I can be patient with this one..

The bag I spotted in Florence. I love fringes and I still needed a small bag like this. Perfect!

Skirt: Subdued
Shirt: Flo9 Reiza
Tights: Asos
Shoes: New Look
Sunglasses: Boutique New York
Necklace: Boutique Amsterdam
Ring: Topgirl Florence
Bag: Koan

I saw this ring during my holiday to Italy. We were shopping (of course) and I wasn't looking for any accessories though. I just walked into it.. Well it isn't a small accessory of course. It's so awesome and shiny, I adore it! I hope it will stay this way. I already put some transparant nail polish over it, so it won't become pink. (It isn't silver) That's a good TIP for people who are wearing, an accessory that isn't silver, a lot.

 Also desiring for summer?! 


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  1. Very Nice Pleun!!

    By the way, we have something in common: as you buy 5 "tights", I do the same with "jeans" and "white socks"