20 feb. 2014

Hello pretty city!

Arrived in Italy!

Our first day in Florence, it just began so awesome. Our friendgroup is so cool and every person is a little crazy. So we started our own personal diary. It exist of a Bucket-list (ofcourse) and a list about all our funny activities and sayings.

Focussed on our bucket-list

The first day was really nice. It was like 16 degrees, a little sun and VERY quiet. There weren't many in people in the city. At first a men showed us the wrong way (STUPID guy), but after 30 minutes walking we finally arrived at our hostel: Plus Florence.
The hostel is awesome. It is very clean and good organised. It's also in the middle of the centre and we can reach everything by walking. 

Camera-crew ready for some action!!

On our first day we saw some buildings and a few shops, but didn't bought anything. We came home around 15:00 o'clock and were tired as hell. We only slept around 1,5 max 2 hours this Night/Day. So we just relaxed in our room and went to a restaurant around 19:00 o'clock. Ofcourse we ate pasta and pizza in combination with some good white wine

After we came home and directly changed in our bikini's. The hostel has it's own swimmingpool and we (ofcourse) wanted to try it out. This was really one funny and crazy Night. Wrapped in a towel without shoes!!! we ran outside to the other building. Brrrrr cold BUT we made a picture haha.

I was reaaaally KNOCK-OUT!

So today is day 2 of our Florence adventure. Unfortunately it rained all day long. Luckily Alys advised us before that we had to take an umbrella with us (thank you sweety!). We aren't only shopping and going out.. NO we're here for a particular reason. We had visited the Department Store called Luisa Via Roma.

Wow this store was amazing!!!! It surprised me as well as my friends. especially the design of the store, like the walls/satires and mirrors. The clothes were different and fabulous. And ofcourse they were a little expensive. Brands like Gucci, Givenchy, Louboutin, Dolce & Gabanna, Guiseppe Zanotti, Kenzo, Alexander MqQueen, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Christopher Kand and soooo many more. Also Diesel, Vans and other "cheaper brands" were available for selling.

Les petits joueur €750,-

Happy mens fashion



We also went stopping (yaaaay finally!) but didn't see many interesting stores YET.

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