23 feb. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Some inspirational outfits

Also in Florence (maybe even more then in Amsterdam) I am spotting a lot of nice trends and cool streetstyle. As you can read in my blog from yesterday, we went to the high-fashion department store Loisa Via Roma. Here I immediately saw these cool girls from Taiwan.

I spoke a little with the girl in the pink coat. I told her I was a blogger and I am learning about fashion styling and this were a few reasons why I was here this moment. She was excited about my story and told me she also is a fashion blogger and that she just (the day before) had a photoshoot for Vogue Magazine in one of her streetstyle outfits. She showed me the pic and it looked fabulous. I got her card and Facebook so we can stay in contact. I definitely will visit her blog.

So here is a great pic from her and her ALSO very fashionable friend from Taiwan.



Like it?!


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