7 feb. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle day

Again, it's FRIDAY!

For my streetstyle photography I am looking for all kind of people (girls, boys, men and women) and this time I walked into this girl. Actually she was working in the stpre River Island (LOVE this store!). I was just shopping with my friend and my eyes went directly to this jeans.

I asked some questions about her style and what she wanted to radiate with her clothes/style. The crazy part of this is that her answer was that she did not think that clothes and style describes a person. She wears just what she likes and she doesn't want to radiate 'something'..

She also had no style icon. She was happy and looked cool, so I gave her a big compliment.

I really like her combination of the jeans matching with the crop sweater. She has the right figure for it ;) The tough sneakers makes the whole outfit urban inspired. SUPER!

What do you think?


4 opmerkingen:

  1. This girl has the right attitude.
    "clothes and style do not describe a person".
    There is for sure a huge crowd that like to make a "statement" by dressing up in a special way.

    Problem is that as soon as you dress to be positively judged by the people around you, things change as you are driven by what others think, and opinions,status and brand-image becomes important (why should I wear Nikes? if you don't you're a looser!).
    That's why I wear white socks (:))

  2. hahah thanks for your good argumentated opinion Mr Jaap! But the white socks should be forbidden. X

  3. I have to agree with Jaap. I'm happy the girl just wears whatever she loves.. after all, that's the most important thing anyways. We're too consumed with leaving behind a good impression... when we should care more about we love and not about what others might think. great post. x

  4. Hi Natasja. Thank you so much for your honest answer, and you are so right! Don't let anybody else influence your confidence. Just wear what you love, that's a style on its own. X