19 feb. 2014

Firenze, Fiorenza or so-called Florentië

A pretty city in Italy existing of 368.000 citizens and close to the river the Arno.

At first I went to station Zuid in Amsterdam to score some free WiFi, because we don't have WiFi at the time (grrr!), so annoying. I was sitting at a place called Fitch & Shui and it's really a great place to just sit and work. I definitely will be here more often. Next to me I saw all the people in a hurry (for their trains) and many lights from all the advertisements here. A great environment to prepare my sightseeing in Florence. At first I checked for the best clubs, followed by shops, restaurants and museums. 

Our trip already began on the 18th in the evening. My friends came to my place (because I live near to Schiphol Airport). We decided to stay awake, because we only had 3 hours of sleep IF we went to bed. With Some prosecco, latte machiato's and some candy the hours passed by pretty fast!

The stomach nerves already began at the airport. We aren't going for 2 days, but we will stay for 6 whole days! Halleluja, thats awesome right. So I had to pack my luggage. Well not a small one, I took my biggest bag I had and put (of course) to much clothes in it. We had the luck that all the seats behind us (in the Transavia plain) were empty, so we could sleep on 3 chairs whooho!

                                         Happy Alyssa & me

We booked a hostel WITH (yes really!!) a swimming pool/sauna and a fitness area. Really I never heard of a hostel with this accommodations before but I am very happy about it. So I  definitely took my bikini with me. We were more suprised about the looks of the hostel. It's really chique for an average hostel.

Ofcourse I took my Canon Camera and more stuff like magazines, my music, many clothes and my sunglasses with me. I hope I have everything, or else it's a good reason to buy some new stuff.

I keep you posted about my further experiences in the beautiful Italy!


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