25 feb. 2014


Uno, dos, tres, oempaloempa latte machiatooo!

Club Blue Velvet with the ladies

We are having SO much fun over here. Every night is the same: We laugh and drink wine untill we fall a sleep of tiredness (from laughing). This time we went crazy in a restaurant. We ordered some t-bones and lobster (luxurious students right) overhere. 

Especially the letuce was delicious..

As you can see. We enjoyed the night to the fullest!

This night we didn't go out. FINALLY the wifi was fixed in out hostel. We just chilled and went to bed around 00:30 o'clock.

Totally fit for the next day, where we visited the GUCCI museum and reserved the rest of the time specially for shopping.

                                                                        By Dolce & Gabanna

Today at 13:00 o'clock we met with 3 teachers from Fashion styling (Vogue academy) and the other students in front of the Gucci museum. We got a tour by a tourguide from Gucci itself. It took like 1,5 hour but we couldn't make any pictures..

All fashion styling students gathered for a group picture.

If you allready know me then you also know now are following picturaal from the museum haha. Their not so good, ofcourse. I really tried my best.

Caddilac vs Gucci

Left: t's all about the flower patterns on the scarce.                                     
                             Right: This suitcase was also available with crocodile leather (€30.000,-) and with Gucci print (€120.000,-)!!

This one was SO perfect. All see-through fabrics, paillette and feathers.

After the museumtour which was very inspiring we shot a few streetstyle pics and went shopping. We didn't wanted, BUT we also went to H&M and I bought one vest. It's really cute though.

After one hour shopping we sat down at a café with a cute view! Unfortunately it began to rain after 30 minutes and we had to move more inside..

We also had the luck that the Luisa Via Roma Store treated us as little VIP's, because we knew (from our teacher) that there also was a Luisa Via Roma Outlet Store. Ofcourse we wanted to visit it (high fashion for better less expensive prices). Our transfer (taxi) was paid by the store (to the outlet and back)! 

Happy in the cab

It rained and rained.. So we slowly went back to the neighbourhood where our hostel is located. On our way we visited a small shopping centre under the ground and also bought some amazing things..
Around 19:30 o'clock we went dining, this time I chose for a lovely grilled salmon. 👌

And we ended our dinner with a few good glasses of the famous Limoncello!

So our last night was on Saturday. We only went out for just one time and we had to go again. This time it was a Saturday, so it was more crowded in the city. First we went to a cocktailbar where we ordered 2 big cans of booze. Around 02:00 o'clock we went outside to look for a nice bar. Unfortunately every bar closed already at 03:00 o'clock!! We came at Club Slowly at 02:20, but it was closing at 02:30. Luckily we had our fantastic blonde Lotte with us and she fixed that we at least go in for the last minutes (we really wanted to make some moves)!

The barmen were so nice and friendly that we chatted a little, got free-shots and finally I went into a dance battle with one of the guys (haha!). They liked us and said that we had to stay, because they were going to an other club (underground) which was open until 06:00 and only local people could get in. Well we hadn't think about this idea.. We were in! Club Slowly closed but we stayed until 03:00 and got a few more shots of vodka.

In love with this Vodka Bottle!

We went to Club Blue Velvet. It was very pretty and the music was very good. We danced and danced and ended up in the MacDonalds around 07:00! We found our beds at 07:30 o'clock and it took a few seconds before we were in dreamland. What a night!!

Blue Velvet

Sunday was our last day with a blue sky and a warm shining sun. We were so tired, but woke up at 12:30 o'clock so we could enjoy our last hours in the pretty Florence. We had a brunch in the sun, exsisting of a pumpkin soup and a kind of mozzarella-thing with it. The rest of the day we just took it slow and did a little shopping. 

Before we went into the Transavia plain (sleepy-eyes)

Our plane left at 09:00 o'clock the next morning. Luckily the sun was shining when we came back in Amsterdam. 
Shot this beautiful flowers in Amstelveen! Instantly got a spring-feeling.

Florence, you were pretty awesome, beautiful, inspiring and      AMAZING!


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