4 feb. 2014


As you might know:

Blogging is hot!

As you can see how addicted I am at blogging and if you search for some blogs you will get spoiled with them. At the time bloggers are gaining and gaining. Fashionista did a research about the magazine and it showed that 82% of the readers wants to start a blog or are already blogging. The most popular topics to blog about is Fashion & Beauty.(I totally understand!!) 80% of the Fashionista readers also says they bought the magazine following a review from a blogger to a product. 90% of them trust the bloggers.

Fashionista is using the power of these bloggers. They allready had an BLOGazine in 2013 and it was an complete succes. Now there will be a new BLOGazine where is written about blogging, vlogging (video blogging), social media and more. With social media you can think about Instagram (reaaally hot right now!!), Pinterest (gaining), Tumblr, Youtube for video's ands more.

Fashionista loves blogging
At the time there is a big discussion about bloggers aren't 'serious press', Fashionista admits precisely the unique talent of bloggers. Many blogs now hold more unique visitors than many paper magazine has to readers. Fashionista wants to guide these young talents, as a recognized media brand educate and provide a platform so that they are the "serious press" tomorrow

This extra thick 124-paged edition is made together with more than 100 Dutch bloggers. Fashionista also tap the young talent in a top 15 of upcoming Dutch fashion bloggers. 
You can buy BLOGazine by Fashionista everywhere from the 28th of January (€4,99) and also online at Fashionista.nl (free shipping whoehoe).

I allready ordered it, who also did?!


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