11 feb. 2014

15 random things I love

Love, love and more love.

Me, as an ultimate optimist, am loving to write about good and positive things. I saw the '15 random things I love blog' from blogger afterDRK (this blog is awesome btw) and my enthousiasm was like high HIGH! So here's 15 random things I love. And with random I don't mean friends, love, shopping etc, but different less obvious things. What are yours?!

1. Go to bed when you just have washed your sheets and blankets. And whats even MORE comfortable is when you just shaved your legs. O god, as I already love sleeping, it is even better when these things are also done.

2. TIGHTS! If you read my last post you would already know this. I like them in all different kind of sizes, shapes and the crazier the better. So for recommendations where to get these awesome tights, respond!! 

3. Marshmallows. I have a huge addiction for this candy. They are so soft, sweet and wow I just love it!! Especially when you warm them up above a bonfire. Then they will get warm and sticky, yummy!

4. Another food-thing called 'Speculoos' in Dutch. You can compare it with peanutbutter, but then much nicer. It is made of pureed sweet biscuit. The best way to eat this is combined with rice cake. You should try it and let me know what's you opinion about it. I KNOW you will like it, trust me. ;)

5. Pyjama-days, at least one day or a few evenings a week. I work a lot at home for my assignments (almost photoshopping every hour) and it's really heavenly to be in your PJ's, with a big mug of coffee/tea and obviously some marshmallows or other sweets next to you.

6. Spontaneous events, like going to a club, dining with your bestie (or maybe better: some friend you don't see a lot), a romantic evening with the one you love, going on a roadtrip or just go bowling/karting or whatever.

7. Speed-dating! I did this one time with a friend of mine. This was also a spontaneous action like I described in nr. 6. Just meet new people and have fun. This is good for your minimal 80% (my personal goal) of laughing each day.

8. Swimming, just for 45/60 minutes. It's a good combination of staying fit (this is really good for your whole body) and feeling yourself peaceful and weightless.

9. Throwing things away. In generally I am not good in taking distance of my stuff, because I attach great importance to everything.

10. Beaches + sun, ofcourse!! It just makes me extra extra happy. (If I can be more.. because some people think I can't)

11. Babies, because they are so cute, tiny and special.

12. Photoshopping, since I started at Vogue Academy I developed a huge love for photoshopping and imaging. I can do it all day!

13. Making Sushi. Oooh who doesn't like sushi? Healthy and delicious. As I love this kind of food I wanted to make it myself. There are enough video's on YouTube to learn it and I am creative enough so I just tried some things. And I want to let you know: I am good at it! Haaa. I make the normal sushi, but also inside-out ones with cucumber, avocado, surimi (crab), salmon, chickenburger (!!) and mayonaise.

14. Facetiming. Everybody who owns a iPhone knows what I mean. This is like skype, just calling with online video. It's fun and cozy. Better than whatsapp, where communication problems are started.

15. Making people happy, because one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Optimism guys!!

If you have some random cool things you love, please share them with me and my readers!

Inspired by the blog afterDRK


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