28 feb. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Like a DOLL
Oh in love with this girls outfit.

She posed as she photographed more often. The print on her outfit, dress and jacket is so cool and original. I have never seen it before. Anyone did? She wears it in a very good way, combined with the feminine but comfortable shoes, the small black clutch and then there is the scarve.. I think se also is a blogger. I shot this picture in Florence, where I spotted some more interesting streetstyles which i definitely going to post on my Friday - Streetstyle Day category.

27 feb. 2014

PORTFOLIO: World Fashion Today Show by Danie

World fashion Today is a platform which inspired and informs anyone working in the Dutch Fashion Retail. They do that with organising live events like Danie Bles' her catwalk show. Danie Bles styled the show with clothes from the brands based at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.

25 feb. 2014


Uno, dos, tres, oempaloempa latte machiatooo!

Club Blue Velvet with the ladies

23 feb. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle Day

Some inspirational outfits

Also in Florence (maybe even more then in Amsterdam) I am spotting a lot of nice trends and cool streetstyle. As you can read in my blog from yesterday, we went to the high-fashion department store Loisa Via Roma. Here I immediately saw these cool girls from Taiwan.

22 feb. 2014

What happens in Italy..

Stays in Italy..

Day 3..

Again a brand new day in Florence. We had a lot of rain and problems with wifi in the Hostel. (Just now you see how much internet means to a person haha HEL!).

Perfect breakfast/brunch

The 20th of February it was Lotte°s birthday. We bought some candles, a birthdaycard in Italian (we know now the text on the card meant: Your in my heart haha) and arranged a chocolate brownie in a restaurant. Inclusive an Italian singer who sang Happy birthday for her! I hope she was surprised. The same night we went dining with 2 other girls from fashion styling. We met at .. and enjoyed of some good wines/processo.

On Thursday we had our first night out!! We didn't eat ik the evening, because we had a pizza for breakfast and ate a lot of chips and peanuts.
Around 22:00 we went to the other side of Florence, elegant on our heels! Florence is not a heel-free city though.. But we survived.

We ended in a cocktailbar, where we all drinked one delicious cocktail, black mojito, passion mojito, rosemary collin and a passion bonbon. The cocktails were very nice, but unfortunately €13,- a piece. Also Stephanie and her friend came to the Fusion Bar. We stayed untill it closed (00:30) and had a lot of fun with the barmen.;) They helped us with some going-out places.

My delicius black mojito (I'm a Mojito fan, like my mom haha)


We danced all night long (oh well.. Just untill 03:00, because EVERYTHING was closed after 3) in Colleberetto on not-so-very-good music in a sort of 'VIP-room'. Unfortunately we had to pay €20,- for 4 shots and read the day after On Faceook were screwed!! =/ They usually sell 6 shots for €5,-. BASTARDS.

Free shots!

Sharon, Lotte and me

But hey.. It was a very good night out and we also slept really good. The next morning we found a good place to have breakfast for €6,- and got a sandwich, fresh juice and a latte machiato. Perfecto! The sun was shining for the very first time, so we were ready to go shopping.

Around 13:00 (when we finally showered and dressed up) we went to out first museum-stop.  

Salvatore Ferragamo, 10.000 shoe designs presented in Florance. It was very inspiring and I will definitely make a special blogpost about it for you guys. I photographed a lot and I am dying to share it with you.

The best one I could find! Love it <3

Ofcourse promoting my blog, everywhere I can.. (A)

After the museum visit we wanted to go shopping (it really took to long). BUT the weather was so good (sun, blue sky..) that we wanted to enjoy the moment. So we went to a nice spot with some restaurant/bars and enjoyed the sun and some wine (ofcourse) for 2,5 hours.

Around 17:00 o'clock we decided it was neccessary to SHOP! We walked and walked and bought an ice-cream. Italian icecream is the best!! 

Alys is enjoyingggg hahah

And  FINALLY.. We bought something! Yaayyy ☺️


21 feb. 2014

There is a new world for me..


Yes, I really want to share my happiness with you guys. It's just a small thing, but I am so happy about it.
Last year I had to buy some new glasses, but I never wore my old ones because I didn't like it and the feeling annoyed me. BUT when I came to Pearle in Middelburg (The south-west of the Netherlands, where I grew up, though) I found THE ONE. I bought some new glasses from the brand Look and I really was totally in love. From that moment I was wearing my glasses almost every day. And it's necessary, because I have -2,5 !! That's not very very good haha..

In the meantime I was used to this kind of seeing and I only wore my glasses at school and when I was driving (luckily for my passengers..)

BUT when I went on a short trip to Turkey, (I was going there to record the new commercial from Corendon) I stupidly forgot my glasses in the airplane and I never found it back again =( OMG, I was so sad. Fortunately I have a good insurance and I arranged every little bit and got back all my €€€ to buy a new one. 

Also luckily Pearle had the precise same frame in stock and today was the day it arrived at Pearle in Amsterdam.

Tadaaaa.. (so happy I have it before I went to Florence)


20 feb. 2014

Hello pretty city!

Arrived in Italy!

Our first day in Florence, it just began so awesome. Our friendgroup is so cool and every person is a little crazy. So we started our own personal diary. It exist of a Bucket-list (ofcourse) and a list about all our funny activities and sayings.

Focussed on our bucket-list

The first day was really nice. It was like 16 degrees, a little sun and VERY quiet. There weren't many in people in the city. At first a men showed us the wrong way (STUPID guy), but after 30 minutes walking we finally arrived at our hostel: Plus Florence.
The hostel is awesome. It is very clean and good organised. It's also in the middle of the centre and we can reach everything by walking. 

Camera-crew ready for some action!!

On our first day we saw some buildings and a few shops, but didn't bought anything. We came home around 15:00 o'clock and were tired as hell. We only slept around 1,5 max 2 hours this Night/Day. So we just relaxed in our room and went to a restaurant around 19:00 o'clock. Ofcourse we ate pasta and pizza in combination with some good white wine

After we came home and directly changed in our bikini's. The hostel has it's own swimmingpool and we (ofcourse) wanted to try it out. This was really one funny and crazy Night. Wrapped in a towel without shoes!!! we ran outside to the other building. Brrrrr cold BUT we made a picture haha.

I was reaaaally KNOCK-OUT!

So today is day 2 of our Florence adventure. Unfortunately it rained all day long. Luckily Alys advised us before that we had to take an umbrella with us (thank you sweety!). We aren't only shopping and going out.. NO we're here for a particular reason. We had visited the Department Store called Luisa Via Roma.

Wow this store was amazing!!!! It surprised me as well as my friends. especially the design of the store, like the walls/satires and mirrors. The clothes were different and fabulous. And ofcourse they were a little expensive. Brands like Gucci, Givenchy, Louboutin, Dolce & Gabanna, Guiseppe Zanotti, Kenzo, Alexander MqQueen, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Christopher Kand and soooo many more. Also Diesel, Vans and other "cheaper brands" were available for selling.

Les petits joueur €750,-

Happy mens fashion



We also went stopping (yaaaay finally!) but didn't see many interesting stores YET.

Wanna see and know more? Stay visiting my blog to be inspired!

19 feb. 2014

Firenze, Fiorenza or so-called Florentië

A pretty city in Italy existing of 368.000 citizens and close to the river the Arno.

At first I went to station Zuid in Amsterdam to score some free WiFi, because we don't have WiFi at the time (grrr!), so annoying. I was sitting at a place called Fitch & Shui and it's really a great place to just sit and work. I definitely will be here more often. Next to me I saw all the people in a hurry (for their trains) and many lights from all the advertisements here. A great environment to prepare my sightseeing in Florence. At first I checked for the best clubs, followed by shops, restaurants and museums. 

18 feb. 2014

Pretty little Italy

I am going to Italy guys! I've been here before, but only when I was a little kid. I don't remember many things of it so it will be a brand new experience for me. Me and my girls will visit the pretty (by hearing) 


14 feb. 2014

13 feb. 2014

Inspired by Clover Canyon

I saw this brand, for me unknown, on a blogpost and I was so interested in the use of all different kind of colors and patterns. I directly went to their websiteI suddenly saw this awesome drawing and read that this was the inspiration of these spring summer collection. WHAT?! So cool.

11 feb. 2014

15 random things I love

Love, love and more love.

Me, as an ultimate optimist, am loving to write about good and positive things. I saw the '15 random things I love blog' from blogger afterDRK (this blog is awesome btw) and my enthousiasm was like high HIGH! So here's 15 random things I love. And with random I don't mean friends, love, shopping etc, but different less obvious things. What are yours?!

OOTD - tight it up!

I got a new outfitpost for you guys. As you might know (or not, because some people just following me for 2 weeks since I started with blogging 2 weeks ago), I have a huge addiction for tights. And not normal simpel tights, because honestly I hate the whole fabric tights are made of. Every lady knows that tights + nails DON'T go together.

10 feb. 2014


Meanwhile we all know what SNAPCHAT is about..

The app, which among iPhone can also be used on samsung and who knows also other devices, has been a success. In case by me, and my friends it is.

A brief explanation about this app:

Snap Chat is a program on your phone that can make photo's (for example your own photo (like the famous selfie) or a photo of your environment, food or something crazy/beautiful). You can only send pictures to people who have the program on their phone. 

7 feb. 2014

Friday - Streetstyle day

Again, it's FRIDAY!

For my streetstyle photography I am looking for all kind of people (girls, boys, men and women) and this time I walked into this girl. Actually she was working in the stpre River Island (LOVE this store!). I was just shopping with my friend and my eyes went directly to this jeans.

I asked some questions about her style and what she wanted to radiate with her clothes/style. The crazy part of this is that her answer was that she did not think that clothes and style describes a person. She wears just what she likes and she doesn't want to radiate 'something'..

She also had no style icon. She was happy and looked cool, so I gave her a big compliment.

5 feb. 2014

Suicide Sunday

A well-chosen title if I say so myself.

I would like to share my special (and overall busy) day with you. It started on Saturday evening at 18:00 o'clock. Me and my team met eachother at the Amstel station. From there we went driving to the GelreDome in Arnhem. A big party, called Hard Bass, was waiting for us. Partying was not possible for us (oh well .. a bit), but our target was to sell as many icecreams.

4 feb. 2014


As you might know:

Blogging is hot!

As you can see how addicted I am at blogging and if you search for some blogs you will get spoiled with them. At the time bloggers are gaining and gaining. Fashionista did a research about the magazine and it showed that 82% of the readers wants to start a blog or are already blogging. The most popular topics to blog about is Fashion & Beauty.(I totally understand!!) 80% of the Fashionista readers also says they bought the magazine following a review from a blogger to a product. 90% of them trust the bloggers.

3 feb. 2014

AUCH! Models falling on purpose.

Falling models - Dennis Diem

Dennis Diem has clearly taken its inspiration from falling models on the catwalk and transformed it into a dancing show on the runway. Akward moments created, but graceful and with some nice dance moves the models walked their runwayshow as no one have ever seen before. What a great and inspiring idea!!

1 feb. 2014

PORTFOLIO: 1st look into my work

YAYY! Finally my portfolio will also be online.

January last year, I graduated from TMO, a college (higher education) of Fashion Management in Doorn, Utrecht. After that I enjoyed my free time to work as an animator for children (ages 3 till 12 years) in Turkey for 3 months... This was an amazing 5 star and of course all-inclusive hotel in Kestel, 7 km's from Alanya.


So in September I started at Vogue Academy in Amsterdam. Here you can follow several courses focused on the overall taste of a magazine. You can think of photography, styling, making layouts for magazines or flyers, design and material knowledge.